Govin Permanand


Govin Permanand is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at LSE Health and works for the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe as Senior Health Policy Analyst in the Division of Health Systems and Public Health.

Research interests: knowledge brokering and evidence in health policy; pharmaceutical policy and access to medicines; global health; comparative health systems; and regulation and policy-making in health.

Selected Publications

Permanand G, Pedersen HB (2015). Managing new premium-priced medicines in Europe. Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice 8 (Suppl 1): K2.

Robertson J, Pedersen HB, Permanand G, Kluge, H (2015). Challenges to the affordability of new medicines in Europe: the case of cancer drugs. Eurohealth 21(3): 21-24.

Permanand G, Lindahl AK, Røttingen J-A. Knowledge brokering in Norway: Bringing rigour and transparency to policy inputs, in Lavis JN, Catallo C (eds) (2014). Bridging the Worlds of Research and Policy in European Health Systems. Brussels, Belgium: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

Pedersen HB, Permanand G (2014). Medicines policy in Europe – balancing benefits and risks in the context of uncertainty and financial constraints, EuroScan newsletter; 16 (June 2014): 6-7.

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