Dr Emma Pitchforth


Emma Pitchforth has a background in Health Sciences (BSc Hons, 2000; PhD, 2004). She is Jamsetji Tata Senior Research Fellow at LSE Health. Before joining LSE in 2008 she worked as Lecturer in Social Science and Health at the University of Leicester and Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. Her research has focused on maternal and reproductive health and quality and organisation of maternity services both in the UK and developing countries, although she also has broader interests in public health and the impact of globalization on health and healthcare. Her research has involved qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches. At LSE Health Emma is co-ordinator for the link programme between LSE Health and the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai. This currently involves active involvement in academic exchange between the two centres and the development of a joint research programme addressing key health policy issues in India.

Emma is also Co-Editor-in-Chief of Globalization and Health, an open access online journal addressing key issues in global health and the influences of globalization upon health, both positive and negative. www.globalizationandhealth.com| 

Recent publications

For a full list of Emma's publications, please see her LSE Research Online| page