Ms Elena Nicod

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Elena Nicod is a Research Officer at LSE Health. Her main areas of interest include pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access. Her research focuses on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) as a resource allocation tool, and aims to identify the criteria driving these recommendations by comparing their decision-making processes across a number of countries in view of possible improvements of HTA methodologies. Other research projects focus on the burden of illness of a retinal disorder, and the costing of a retinal surgical procedure in the UK. She is also participating in a number of EU-projects (Advance-HTA, Burqol, Rare-BP).

Elena is currently undertaking a PhD in Social Policy at the LSE, and  holds an MSc HPPF from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a BSc/MSc in Business Administration from HEC Lausanne, Switzerland. Prior to LSE, Elena worked as Coordinator of a clinical trial unit at the CHUV Lausanne, and as administrator of the Swiss Vaccine Research Institute during its launch in 2009.

Research interests: Pharmaceutical economics and policy, with a particular focus on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and its application for rare diseases and orphan drugs.


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