David McDaid


David McDaid is Research Fellow in Health Policy and Health Economics at LSE Health and Social Care and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is co-ordinator of the Mental Health Economics European Network, a 32 country network examining a range of issues, including detailed analysis of the financing of mental health and the socio-economic impact of mental health problems, including aspects of prevention and promotion of good mental well-being. Other recent research has included evaluation of the first phase of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy in Scotland, the UK wide Healthy Living Centre Initiative, and undertaking a review of the extent to which economic evaluations have been used in public health for the Welsh Assembly Government. He has also co-authored a recent report on the Irish health care system.

He has published more than 40 peer reviewed papers largely on the use of economics in policy making and on mental health policy and acted as a consultant to a variety of governments, public and voluntary agencies including the World Health Organisation, the European Commission and Amnesty International. He is co-editor of the recently published book Mental Health Policy and Practice Across Europe, editor of Eurohealth, associate editor of Health Policy, co-covenor of the joint Campbell/Cochrane Collaboration Economic Methods Group and a director of the Health Equity Network.

Recent publications

For a full list of David's publications, please see his LSE Research Online| page