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Dr Charalampos Economou


Charalampos Economou was born in Athens and studied sociology in Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. He obtained his MSc from National School of Public Health, Athens, in health services management and his PhD from Panteion University, in social policy and health policy. He has worked for many years as a researcher in the Department of Health Services Management and the Department of Health Economics, National School of Public Health, Athens. Since 2009 is assistant Professor of Health Policy and Sociology of Health in the Department of Sociology of Panteion University. His teaching and research activities concern Social Policy, Supranational Social Policies, European Social Policy, Health Policy, Social Exclusion and Sociology of Health. Besides, he lectures in graduate courses and in the National School of Public Administration, Athens. He has published on health policy, health systems, European social policy, welfare states comparative analysis, poverty and social exclusion. He has participated in many international and national research projects and he has collaborated with international organizations (OECD, WHO) and research centres (European Observatory on Health Care Systems, LSE Centre for Civil Society etc).

Selected Publications

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