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Professor Catherine Campbell


Catherine Campbell is Professor of Social Psychology at the LSE's Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, where she is convenor of Health, Community and Development at LSE, and Director of the MSc in Health, Community and Development. She is a community health psychologist with a particular interest in the community-level determinants of health, and the potential for various forms of grassroots community participation to enhance health and well-being in marginalized communities - particularly in the context of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in less affluent countries.

The starting point of her current research is that a key reason for the disappointing outcomes of many HIV/AIDS programmes is that they are imposed on communities by outside professionals, failing to resonate with the perceived needs and interests of target groupings. Communities are too often regarded as the passive recipients of prevention, care and treatment services, rather than as active participants working in partnership with health professionals to improve their health. Her work aims to show why community involvement is important for health, and how best to facilitate this in real social settings.

She is currently involved in three collaborative projects, all focusing on the challenges of mobilising grassroots communities to respond more effectively to the challenges of HIV/AIDS, and how best to build supportive partnerships between communities and outside support agencies. Located in India, South Africa and Zimbabwe respectively, these projects all fall under the conceptual umbrella of her evolving conceptualisation of the 'AIDS competent community'.

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