Lucia Kossarova

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Lucia is a LSE Teaching Fellow in Health Economics and also Assistant Editor for Eurohealth. Before joining LSE Health, Lucia worked at the Health, Nutrition and Population unit of the World Bank in Washington, DC. Also, she worked in a private health care consulting company, involved in projects in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America in the areas of health system reform, social health insurance and HIV/AIDS. In addition to her involvement at LSE Health, she continues to be a strategic advisor for the Provida foundation which invests and provides advice to social ventures with a social impact, as well as works with disadvantaged children in Slovakia. Lucia has an MA in Development Economics and International Development from SAIS Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Social Sciences from University College Utrecht.

Lucia's main research interests are in health system performance, quality and financing of health care. Her PhD thesis used a range of quantitative methods to examine pre and post-transition health system performance in Slovakia and the Czech Republic at different levels. She examined overall population health and well-being, quality of the health care system and the quality of outpatient care using various indicators (e.g. height, avoidable mortality, ambulatory care sensitive conditions).



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