Azusa Sato

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Azusa Sato is a Visiting Fellow at LSE Health and Economic Advisor to the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency at the Ministry of Health in Addis Ababa. She advises the Director General of the Agency on policy and planning decisions, with a view to rolling out social health insurance and community based health insurance to the Ethiopian population.

Azusa has previously worked at the Hungarian Development Bank (Budapest) United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Geneva), and researcher at LSE. She has previously taught the LSE Summer school course on Health, Policy and Management.
Azusa holds BA Economics, MA Population and Development and PhD in Health/Social Policy. Her PhD thesis explored the rationales for traditional medicines utilisation and its impact on equity in Ghana. Research interests are wide but mainly focus on developing countries, and include: health seeking behaviours, health insurance and health expenditures, access to medicines, and inequality.

Alongside, Azusa is editorial assistant for the Health Economics, Policy and Law journal (|).


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