Research Areas

PSSRU aims to conduct high-quality policy analysis, evaluation, research and consultancy in the field of social care and mental health to inform and influence policy, practice and theory. It is regularly commended for its 'exceptional track record in adult social care research' and 'significant contribution to strengthening the evidence-base for policymaking in key areas'. Evidence has been provided to underpin developments in policy discussions and practice.

Over recent years, PSSRU has sought to: develop its work and ‘exposure’ internationally; undertake cost-effectiveness research on mental health promotion and mental illness prevention; look at funding systems and the balance between different forms of care and support; examine patterns of unpaid care and support; develop our long-term care projections model; and improve its knowledge exchange and impact.

Research has been funded through a large number of separate grants; since 2004 alone these have totalled over £30 million. Research awards during the last 5 years include formal collaborations with approximately 40 other universities/institutes (UK and abroad). 

Key research areas

  • Children, young people and families
  • Dementia
  • Long-term care 
  • Mental health economics and policy
  • Social care service evaluation and economics
  • Unpaid care