Videos and Podcasts

LSE Health and Social Care has several video interviews with our staff on our YouTube Channel|

The PSSRU| and SSCR| YouTube channel have videos of previous events we have hosted.


Presentations are key to getting our work out to other researchers and the general public. The full list of LSEHSC presentations can be found in the Past Presentations section|.

Below is a sample of some presentations from our staff.




LSE Health produces this quarterly publication which provides a forum for researchers, policy-makers and experts to discuss their views on health policy issues. Please see the dedicated Eurohealth| page for more information, including past issues.

Health Economics Policy and Law

Health Economics, Policy and Law|

Published by Cambridge University Press and edited by LSEHSC's Adam Oliver, Health Economics, Policy and Law has recently been accepted into MEDLINE, increasing its availability to medical professionals, scholars and the health policy community.


Assessing Improvements in Dementia Care and Support

The Department of Health (DH) commissioned a team from the London School of Economics and Political Science and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (as part of the Policy Innovation Research Unit (PIRU)| and with support from the NIHR School for Social Care Research|) to conduct a review to map data available and to summarise key research evidence on trends in dementia care in England over recent years, particularly since 2009.

The report "Independent assessment of improvements in dementia care and support since 2009" is now available - click here|


Some sample publications from LSEHSC are below: