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Health Information Systems Group

Aims and objectives

The Healthcare Information Systems Group brings together people interested in issues faced by healthcare policy makers, and healthcare organizations as they plan for and introduce substantial healthcare information systems to support administrative and clinical activities. Our work is concerned with the place of ICTs and new information infrastructures in health policy, as well as the challenges, problems and pitfalls found as new systems are introduced into use. The current research of the group's members focuses, for example on questions of transformation, innovation and restructuring as ICTs are applied in health policy making, health care management and clinical settings. A particular focus in current work is placed on questions of implementation strategies, evaluation and organizational learning, and on issues of health care professionals attitudes and perceptions of change. Current funded projects grow out of the National Programme for Information Technology (NPfIT) in the UK as well as British Council funded work relating to developing countries contexts in India and Africa.

The group was established in 2008 and aims in its first year to organize a number of activities including an open research day for the presentation of ongoing work within the Group, a regular seminar series, a research resources web page/blog and the monitoring of research calls and mutual support for funding bids. We also hope to provide a useful networking opportunity for PhD students across the school with an interest in healthcare.


Electronic prescribing - challenges and lessons learned (download report|): A team led by Dr Tony Cornford of LSE Health (Department of Management), and including experts from the School of Pharmacy and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has produced a set of information resources on the implementation of electronic prescribing systems in hospitals. The work was commissioned by Connecting For Health, an agency of the Department of Health, and designed to support trusts as they plan for and implement electronic prescribing systems. The report has also drawn on the advice from international experts in this area in the USA, Australia and the Netherlands.


Dr. Tony Cornford|  - Senior Lecturer in the Information System and Innovation Group of the Department of Management at the LSE.

Dr. Ela Klecun| - Lecturer in the Information System and Innovation Group of the Department of Management at the LSE.

Professor Chrisanthi Avgerou|

Dr. Shirin Madon| - Senior Lecturer in the Information Systems & Innovation Group, Department of Management at the LSE

Dr. William Venters| - Lecturer in the Information System and Innovation Group of the Department of Management at the LSE

PhD students:

Further information

If you would like any further information about the Health Information Systems Group please contact Maria Lluch M.Lluch@lse.ac.uk| or Frances White at f.white@lse.ac.uk|