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The Brian Abel-Smith Memorial Fund

LSE Health would like to propose the establishment of a Brian Abel-Smith Programme, with the aim of promoting activities related to the work of Brian Abel-Smith|.

As well as holding a professorship in social administration at LSE from 1965-1991, Brian Abel-Smith travelled to many countries advising on matters relating health economics, health systems and population health in his role as a consultant to the World Health Organisation and other institutions. Brian Abel-Smith spent his life trying to improve that of others in the way he knew best - through academic excellence. With this in mind, the Brian Abel-Smith Programme Steering Committee has introduced the Brian Abel-Smith Chair in Health Policy, the Brian Abel-Smith Visiting Research Fellowships, the Brian Abel-Smith MSc prizes and Brian Abel-Smith lectures:

  • The Brian Abel-Smith Chair is held by Elias Mossialos, Professor of Health Policy.
  • The first Brian Abel-Smith Visiting Research Fellow was Professor Christa Altenstetter, from City University, New York. The second Brian Abel-Smith Visiting Research Fellow was Dr Tao Tao, from the University of Beijing, China.
  • The Brian Abel-Smith MSc Prizes are awarded each year to students in the MSc in International Health Policy, the MSc in Health Population and Society and the MSc in Health Policy Planning and Financing programmes. Three prizes are given for the best overall performance in each programme. A further prize is given to the student who writes the best dissertation in the International Health Policy programme (achieving a Distinction grade).
  • A biography of Brian Abel-Smith has also been commissioned to be authored by Dr Sally Sheard from the Department of Public Health at the University of Liverpool.
  • Professor Walter Holland is undertaking a historical analysis of Health Services Research in England during the period 1960 - 2000.  Brian played an important role in promoting research into health service provision.
  • A scholar would be invited to give a series of public lectures on topical issues within the field health/social policy over a three year period. For each subsequent three year period, a new scholar would be selected to give a series of lectures. These would be high profile public events featuring leading scholars in the field. The scholars would be selected by the Programme's steering committee, sometimes in co-operation with other School or external departments/organisations.
  • The programme will support any other ad hoc activities that are deemed to be appropriate - e.g. Support for seminars, internships, short academic visitors would be organized.

The Brian Abel-Smith Programme is a charitable objective of the LSE, which is itself an educational charity. This status enables UK donors to increase the value of their gifts by making a covenant to the Fund, or by giving a single sum under Gift Aid. In the USA donations may be made through the Second Centennial Fund, Inc (a Section 501 (c)(3) organisation), with a recommendation as to their application.

To make a donation or to request further information on the Brian Abel-Smith Memorial Fund please contact the Development Office at the London School of Economics & Political Science at the following address:

Maja Vukicevic: email: (m.vukicevic@lse.ac.uk|)
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