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Research Programmes and Affiliations

LSE Health staff collaborate with a number of other research centres and individuals in the UK and elsewhere. Currently there are major collaborations within the UK with, amongst others, various colleges of the University of London (including the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UCL, and King's College), and the Universities of Cambridge, and York. On an International level, major collaborations with Stanford University and relationships with numerous European partners have been established.

Research programmes


7th Framework Programme Projects
LSE Health coordinates the ECAB (Evaluating Care Across Borders) research project and Health Inc. (Financing Health Care for Inclusion), funded by the European Commission under its 7th Framework Programme.




The Centre for the Study of Incentives in Health (CSI)

Launched in 2009, the Centre for the Study of Incentives in Health (CSIH) aims to conduct a programme of research, starting from four case examples of current uses of financial incentives in the UK, that combines philosophy, psychology and economics in the analysis of the relationship between financial incentives, coercion, equity, autonomy and behaviour in order to evaluate the acceptability and effectiveness of financial incentives to improve population health. As well as being multi-disciplinary, the Centre is multi-institutional, spread over the LSE, Kings College and Queen Mary College and with collaborators in national and international universities, the Department of Health, NICE and the King's Fund, among others.


Healthcare Information Systems Group

The Healthcare Information Systems Group brings together people interested in issues faced by healthcare policy makers, and healthcare organizations as they plan for and introduce substantial healthcare information systems to support administrative and clinical activities. Our work is concerned with the place of ICTs and new information infrastructures in health policy, as well as the challenges, problems and pitfalls found as new systems are introduced into use. 


Medical Technology Research Group

The Medical Technology Research Group (MTRG) is a research unit within LSE Health and concentrates on interdisciplinary and comparative policy research on medical technologies. The group aims to produce high quality research, to provide education, training, policy support and advice to key stakeholders, including governments and international organisations. Central to the activities of the group and its members is the focus on policy analysis and policy evaluation.

First aid

Risk Research Unit

LSE Health conducts research devoted to individuals' reactions to risk information in the context of health and social decision making. The Risk Research Unit focuses on risk perceptions regarding public health-related decisions, health care, food and social risks. Research deals with understanding how individuals update risk information, form their risks attitudes and perceive the risks looking at individuals and socio-environmental factors.