Research relevant to patients

Patient Research Network

The Patient Research Network (PRN) is an initiative between LSE Health and the European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA). The objectives of this initiative are to provide a continued and sustainable link between the academic, policy-making and patient communities, to promote the continued development of patient groups and organisations, to conduct research on issues pertinent to access to healthcare and health care resource allocation and, by doing so, to equip patient groups to participate actively in health care reform and resource allocation debates. The LSE Patient Research Network conducts research in two areas: (a) patient-centred research on key issues of health care organisation and delivery affecting all patients and (b) the development of training materials. A third activity area, training, runs in parallel with the former. 

Outputs: Paper on the value and socioeconomic impact of early diagnosis in Parkinson's disease. 

Responsiveness of the EQ-5D to clinical change: is the patient experience adequately represented?|

For further information please contact: Olivier Wouters (|), Panos Kanavos| (|)

Patients’ knowledge and perception of IMI -A survey study

The study aims to investigate patients’ knowledge and perception of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) as a research entity and international agent, with the aim to better involve patient organisations in IMI’s work. The project employs primary data collection supplemented by supporting evidence from secondary research. An online survey informed by a review of the literature is used to canvas the opinions of patient organisations on the issues given by the aims of the study. Respondents include representatives across all levels (Chief Executives to patient members) of a wide range of European and national patient organisations. In-depth interviews are conducted to supplement the findings from the online survey.  

For further information please contact: Panos Kanavos| (|)