Research areas

The primary research areas within the group are as follows:

First, the economics of medical technologies, in particular, medicines and medical devices, where the focus is on researching the financing mechanisms for and access to medical technology in developed countries; the performance, effectiveness and impact of regulation and individual regulatory policies in developed countries; the way new treatments diffuse; the nature of prevailing competition in medical technology markets and the impact of regulation; the use and impact of health technology assessment on health care; and the dynamics of innovation.

Second, to conduct research on the sustainability of health care financing.

Third, to conduct research on Access to medical technologies in developing, transition and emerging economies; In this area, we study and attempt to quantify the impact of health reforms and the uptake of health insurance in developing or emerging market, as well as assess the impact these are having on access to drug treatments. Also, study how economic and health policies affect access to medical technologies in developing countries.

Fourth, to conduct research on Disease management and the effectiveness of policies on medical technology, aiming to capture current information regarding the management and funding of chronic or life-threatening conditions, the extent to which national standards for the treatment of patients are defined, highlight advances in medical treatment and the determinants of their uptake in different health care systems as well as assess the performance of disease management policies or programmes across different health policy settings.