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LSE Health - TISS Programme on health policy in India


In 2007, the Jamsetji Tata Trust pledged £1.8 million to the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to support research collaboration between LSE and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in India. A memorandum of understanding consolidating this partnership was signed by the 3 institutions in June of the same year.

A paramount part of the collaboration between LSE Health and TISS is to develop a programme of work on health policy in India and Dr Emma Pitchforth| joined LSE Health in June 2008 as Jamsetji Tata Senior Research Fellow to take this forward within the collaboration.

With a core team of colleagues from LSE Health (Professor Elias Mossialos, Dr Mrigesh Bhatia, Divya Srivastava and Maria Lluch), Emma will work collaboratively with a group from TISS led by with Dr C.A.K. Yesudian, Dean of the School of Health Systems Studies. The areas of mutual interest and combined expertise between partners provide an exciting opportunity to develop high quality research in priority areas of health policy in India.

The proposed research programme will benefit greatly from multi-disciplinary perspectives and colleagues from across LSE, TISS and other institutions will also play an important and active role in the collaboration and research as it develops.

The partners

TISS - The Tata Institute of Social Sciences is a Deemed University by the University Grants Commission and was the first school of social work in India. Situated in Mumbai, TISS has nearly 120 faculty members who work closely with government bodies, academic institutions, NGOs and activist groups, bilateral and multilateral agencies, media and communities in various initiatives. TISS offers academic programmes in social work, personnel management and industrial relations, hospital and health administration and social sciences. www.tiss.edu|

LSE Health - LSE Health is a research Centre located within LSE Health and Social Care, London School of Economics and Political Science. It is affiliated with the Departments of Social Policy|, Management| and the Accounting Group|. It was established in 1995. The Centre's fundamental mission is the production and dissemination of high quality research in health and social care. The Centre's unique research base contributes to the LSE's established world presence and reputation in health policy, health economics and demography. Bringing together a core team of researchers and academics, LSE Health promotes and draws upon the multidisciplinary expertise of 37 staff members, 13 associated academics and a number of PhD students. See LSE Health|.

The partnership between LSE Health and TISS is part of a broader partnership between institutions formed to strengthen teaching, training and development of researchers working in common areas of social sciences. For details of other areas of partnership between TISS and LSE see the India Observatory|.

Research priorities

The collaborative research will address priority areas around health policy in India.
Areas of scientific focus will include:

  • Pharmaceuticals and access to medicines
  • HIV prevention for women and children in India
  • Health systems
  • Urban health

These priorities reflect current health policy priorities in India and the research strengths of both institutions.
Full details of the research programmes will be provided here.

Visiting Fellows

In June 2008 LSE Health welcomed the first of a series of visiting fellows from TISS. Dr Anil Kumar is Associate Professor at the School of Health Systems Studies, TISS. He has undertaken a range of social science research related to health and aspects of social development including migration, mobility and vulnerability to HIV among men and sexual health among young people in India. During his four month fellowship Dr Anil Kumar will be working with colleagues at LSE to develop new research proposals, write manuscripts for publications and contribute to the LSE Health - TISS working paper series.

Public Events, Seminars and Workshops

A series of seminars and workshops held jointly between TISS and LSE Health provide important opportunities to exchange knowledge and ideas and to disseminate findings from the collaborative research.

Previous seminars:

Demographic Transition of the Parsis of India: Issues in Continuity and Survival
Place and date: LSE Health Tower 1 (U201) Clement's Inn; Tuesday June 23rd 2009
Dr. Shalini Bharat, Professor School of Health Systems Studies, TISS and LSE Visiting Fellow.

An ageing population: implications for health policy in India
Place and date: Age International, London, 5th June 2009
Dr Emma Pitchforth – Jamsetji Tata Senior Research Fellow, LSE Health

LSE Health – TISS joint research workshop
Place and date: NAB 110 LSE, London. 6-7 April 2009, . Programme|

Marital Status, Mobility and Vulnerability to HIV among Male Migrants in Maharashtra, India
Place and Date: University of Aberdeen, 16th September 2008
Dr Anil Kumar - Associate Professor TISS, LSE Visiting Fellow

Accessing Reproductive and Child Health Services in an Indian State: What Matters?
Place and Date: University of Southampton, 24th September 2008
Dr Anil Kumar - Associate Professor TISS, LSE Visiting Fellow

Cultural, social and psychological factors impacting child nutrition in India: a critical review.
Place and date: Oxford Round Table 'Child Neglect and Exploitation: and interdisciplinary perspective'. July 27-July31, St Anne's College, University of Oxford.
Dr Hemal Shroff, Assistant Professor, School of Health Systems Studies, TISS

Migration/Mobility and Vulnerability to HIV among Male Migrants in an Indian State: Evidence from a Collaborative Research
Place and date: LSE , 3rd July 2008
Dr Anil Kumar - Associate Professor TISS

Women's Health in India: A Policy and Status analysis
Place and date: LSE, 12th March 2008
Dr. Ramila Bisht - Associate Professor, TISS and Dr. Shalini Bharat - Professor, Centre for Health & Social Sciences, School of Health Systems Studies
Chaired by: Dr Mrigesh Bhatia - LSE Health and Social Care

Sustaining Growth and promoting inclusion in India's Economy and Society
Place and date: LSE, 26th June 2007
Professor Stuart Corbridge, Head of the Development Studies Institute at LSE
Mr Anwar Hasan, Managing Director of Tata Ltd UK
Professor S Parasuraman, Director of TISS, Mumbai
Professor Sir Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government and Director of the India Observatory at LSE
Chair: Professor Lord Meghnad Desai - Emeritus Professor of LSE

LSE-TISS working paper series

Members of LSE and TISS will work together throughout the collaboration to produce a series of working papers. Full text of the working papers will be made available here.


In addition to the research activity outlined above, LSE Health and TISS will work collaboratively to strengthen teaching. In 2010 TISS will launch a new MSc in International Health Policy. LSE Health will help to develop selected modules for this MSc. Two faculty members from TISS will be trained in the MSc in International Health Policy at LSE to help ensure sustainable provision of the new course in Mumbai.

Further information

If you would like any further information about the LSE Health - TISS collaboration please contact Emma Pitchforth, E.Pitchforth@lse.ac.uk| or Maria Lluch M.Lluch@lse.ac.uk|