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Since 2008, staff within LSE Health and Social Care have published more than 450 peer-review journal articles and 285 books, reports and chapters in edited books. Although peer-review academic publications are very important, the Centre also works to ensure coverage in non-academic outlets – such as trade papers and magazines and through websites, media releases, presentations and so forth – to ensure we communicate to as wide an audience as possible, particularly in terms of reaching research users and participants. The Centre’s work has often been cited in important government and other documents.

The Centre is involved in coordinating two peer-review journals, Health Economics, Policy and Law (published by Cambridge University Press) and Globalization and Health (published by BioMed Central), which are formally affiliated with LSE Health. LSE Health also publishes two policy bulletins (Eurohealth and EuroObserver), which are disseminated to more than 20,000 academics and policy-makers. In addition, LSE Health, PSSRU and SSCR produce regular outputs providing information on their activities: LSE Health Research Digest; PSSRU Bulletin and an electronic newsletter – Research Bites; SSCR provides regular updates through its e-newsletter – SSCR Update. LSE Health also publishes a successful Working Paper Series in Health Policy and Economics. The series enables staff and student researchers based at or affiliated with LSE Health to make recent work and work in progress available to a wider audience. It is intended to reflect the range and diversity of theoretical and empirical work relating to health policy and economics carried out at LSE Health.

Latest issue:  Eurohealth Volume 20 Number 2|

Health behaviours and incentives
This issue’s Eurohealth Observer section looks at health-related behaviours and incentives. The overview article discusses the use of insights from behavioural science to nudge populations towards making positive changes to their health and lifestyle. Four articles follow on inequalities and health behaviours, effectiveness and ethics of health incentives, nudging and solidarity, and the nudging debate in the Netherlands. Other articles include: Political strategies in public health; Pharmaceutical cost containment in Poland and Hungary; Joint hospital procurement in Croatia; and Eurohealth Monitor.  



Latest issue: Health Economics Policy and Law|

Edited by LSEHSC's Adam Oliver||, this issue includes articles on the widening of the north-south gap in Italy's health care, an analysis of the impact on general health of changes in public health expenditures in California and a number of articles on UK-US health related comparative analysis.


New Discussion Paper from PSSRU: Investing in Advocacy Interventions for Parents with Learning Disabilities: What is the Economic Argument?|  By Annette Bauer, Josie Dixon, Gerald Wistow and Martin Knapp

In the social care area, advocacy refers to an intervention that informs service users of their rights and choices and supports them in resolving issues that have a great impact on their lives. Research at PSSRU funded by the School for Social Care Research investigated some of the costs and outcomes of advocacy provided to parents with learning disabilities who were at risk of losing their children into care. Parents with learning disabilities are a group affected by multiple disadvantages and experience a higher risk of not receiving the support they need.
To view the full paper, click here| (PDF) 

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Eurohealth  is a quarterly publication that provides a forum for researchers, policy-makers and experts to express their views on health policy issues and so contribute to a constructive debate on health policy in Europe.

Euro Observer
|Published quarterly, Euro Observer was the health policy bulletin of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. It provided information on key health policy issues and heath care system reforms across Europe through review articles, case studies and commentaries (merged with Eurohealth in 2011).

Globalization and Health|
LSE Health academics, Elias Mossialos, Emma Pitchforth, Corinna Sorenson and Divya Srivastava, in collaboration with Greg Martin (Co-Editor-In-Chief, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), lead a new Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal, Globalization and Health, published by BioMed Central. The journal's Editorial Board features international scholars and practitioners with expertise in a broad array of global health and policy concerns.

Health Economics, Policy and Law (HEPL)|
HEPL invites high quality contributions in health economics, political science and/or law, within its general aims and scope. The recommended text-length of articles is 6,000-8,000 words for original research articles, 2,000 words for guest editorials, 5,000 words for review articles, and 3,000 words for debate essays. All articles should be written in English, and should follow the instructions for contributors, which can be found on the Cambridge journals website.

LSE Health working paper series in Health Policy and Economics
|The series enables staff and student researchers based at or affiliated with LSE Health, to make recent work and work in progress available to a wider audience. It is intended to reflect the range and diversity of theoretical and empirical work relating to health policy and economics carried out at LSE Health.

PSSRU Newsletter|
Research Bites has been put together to provide information about our research at the LSE, and to disseminate findings as they become available. Research Bites is compiled by the PSSRU LSE Communications Group: Martin Knapp, Juliette Malley, Tihana Matosevic, David McDaid and Anji Mehta.

PSSRU Research Bulletin|
The PSSRU Bulletin is an annual publication which records recent developments in the Unit, presents recent findings from each of our main programmes of work, and gives a concise overview of research projects and recent publications with contact information.

Research Digest
|LSE Health's Research Digest is an annual publication that provides an overview of the Centre's activities and accomplishments, highlighting key contributions to research, policy development, dissemination and teaching.

SSCR Update (enewsletter)
Providing a round-up of news, reports and latest developments.

SSCR annual report (2010/11)|

SSCR Methods Reviews| [external link]
The SSCR is commissioning expert reviews on research methods in the field.

SSCR Scoping Review| (Prevention and Social Care for Adults with Learning Disabilities)