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Eurohealth Volume 17 Number 2-3


Meeting the challenge of ageing and long-term care|

Ageing and long-term care

1. Introduction: The demand for long-term care for older people|

Lisa Trigg

3. Help wanted! Balancing fair protection and financial sustainability in long-term care|

Francesca Colombo and Jérôme Mercier

7. The impact of changing patterns of disease on disability and the need for long-term care|

Carol Jagger, Ruth Matthews, James Lindesay and Carol Brayne

10. Disability, dementia and the future costs of long-term care|

Adelina Comas-Herrera, Juliette Malley, Raphael Wittenberg, Bo Hu and Carol Jagger

13. Long-term care: valuing care providers|

Frits Tjadens and Francesca Colombo

18. Use of care services in relation to proximity to death among older people: Evidence from Finland|

Mike Murphy and Pekka Martikainen

21. Implementing remote care in the UK: an update of progress|

Jane Hendy, James Barlow and Theopisti Chrysanthaki

24. The role of ICT support services to promote ageing in place. The ACTION service|

Elizabeth Hanson and Lennart Magnusson

27. Classification, assessment and comparison of European LTC services. Development of an integrated system|

Luis Salvador-Carulla, Cristina Romero, Germain Weber, Hristo Dimitrov, Lilijana Sprah, Britt Venner and David McDaid for the eDESDE-LTC Group

Health Policy developments 

30. NICE supporting England and Wales through times of change |

Tarang Sharma, Nick Doyle, Sarah Garner, Bhash Naidoo and Peter Littlejohns

31. Which type of hospital ownership has the best performance? Evidence and implications from Germany|

Oliver Tiermann, Jonas Schreyögg and Reinhard Busse

34. Health care across borders: Implications of the EU Directive on cross-border health care for the English NHS|

Elisabetta Zanon

36. Towards fairer care funding in England|

David McDaid