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Eurohealth Volume 16 Number 1


Migration and health: a dynamic challenge for Europe|

Migration and health in the EU

1. Migrant health policy: The Portuguese and Spanish EU Presidencies|

María-Jose Peiro and Roumyana Benedict

5. What can be done in EU Member States to better protect the health of migrants?|

Paola Pace

10. Migration: A social determinant of migrants' health|

Anita A. Davies, Anna Basten and Chiara Frattini

13. Access to health care for undocumented migrants in the EU: A first landscape of NowHereland|

Ursula Karl-Trummer, Sonja Novak-Zezula and Birgit Metzler

17. Better health for all in Europe: Developing a migrant sensitive health workforce|

María-Teresa Gijón-Sánchez, Sandra Pinzón-Pulido, Riitta-Liisa Kolehmainen-Aitken et al

20. Health and well-being among child immigrants in Europe|

Michal Molcho, Francesca Cristini, Saoirse Nic Gabhainn et al

24. New citizens, new challenges for the Spanish National Health System|

Cristina Hernández Quevedo and Dolores Jiménez Rubio

26. Mapping EC-funded initiatives on health and migration in Europe|

Mariya Samuilova, María-José Peiro and Roumyana Benedict


29. Towards equity in health: Migrant health policies in Spain|

Begoña Merino, Karoline Fernández de la Hoz and Pilar Campos

30. Approaches to migrant health in Portugal|

Maria do Céu Machado, Filipa Pereira and Silvia Machaqueiro