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Eurohealth Volume 15 Number 1


Chronic disease management

1. Chronic disease management in Europe|

David Scheller-Kreinsen, Miriam Blümel and Reinhard Busse

5. Chronic disease management and prevention in the US: The missing links in health care reform|

Kenneth E Thorpe

8. Adopting integrated mainstream telecare services Lessons from the UK|

James Barlow and Jane Hendy

10. Economic considerations of remote monitoring in chronic conditions|

Paul Trueman

13. European Commission perspective: Telemedicine for the benefit of patients, health care systems and society|

Michael Palmer, Christoph Steffen, Ilias Iakovidis and Flora Giorgio

15. A clinical perspective on remote monitoring of chronic disease|

Jillian P Riley and Martin R Cowie

Health Policy Developments

18. EU cross-border health care proposals: implications for the NHS|

Helena Bowden

20. Promoting a sustainable workforce for health in Europe|

Elizabeth Kidd

23. The pharmaceutical sector in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina|

Vanda Markovic Pekovic, Ranko Skrbic and Nataša Grubiša


26. Improving child and adolescent mental health services in Norway: Policy and results 1999-2008|

Marian Ådnanes and Vidar Halsteinli

28. The introduction of long-term care insurance in South Korea|

Soonman Kwon

Evidence-informed Decision Making

30. "Bandolier" Value of vision|

32. "Risk in Perspective" An overview of "Science and decisions: advancing risk assessment|"