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Eurohealth Volume 14 Number 4


Perspectives from the Commission

1. Research and innovation in pharmaceuticals: covering unmet needs| 

Androulla Vassiliou

3. Does fostering pharmaceutical innovation and competitiveness benefit the European patient?| 

Georgette Lalis

European snapshots

7. Changing regional health governance in France|

Zeynep Or

8. Regionalisation reversal in Canada| 

Gregory P Marchildon

10. Czech Republic: first steps on the path to health care reform  |

Lucia Kossarova and Henrieta Maďarová

12. The Finnish welfare state meets the consumer society| 

Hannu Valtonen

Mental Health Reform

14. New and old challenges in the reform of mental health systems in Spain| 

Joan Costa-Font, Juan Cabases Hita, Jordi Alonso, Luis Salvador-Carulla and David McDaid

18. Liberalisation of health care in the Netherlands: the case of mental health care| 

Frank van Hoof, Ineke Kok and Joost Vijselaar

Health Policy Development

22. Devolution and health policy in the UK| 

Scott L Greer

25. Engagement with Russia - not isolation - in the health sector  |

Edward J Burger and E Wayne Merry

29. Health care and pharmaceutical policies in Turkey after 2003  |

Nebibe Varol and Omer Saka

Evidence-informed Decision Making

33. "Mythbuster|" Generic drugs are lower quality and less safe than brand name drugs

35 "Bandolier|" Gout and drinking