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Eurohealth Volume 13 Number 4


Perspectives from the US

Pay-for-Performance in the US: What lessons for Europe? |
Marin Gemmill

Kaiser Permanente revisited – Can European health care systems learn? |
Martin Strandberg-Larsen, Michaela L Schiøtz, Anne Frølich

Public Health Perspectives

Tackling assessment of the performance of health services |
Walter Holland

Assessment of genomics as a priority for public health
|Walter Ricciardi and Stefania Boccia

Health Policy Developments

Health care services for tourists in the Veneto Region
|Simona Bellometti and Luigi Bertinato

Choice, competition and the political left
|Zachary Cooper and Julian Le Grand

The health care needs of UK pensioners living in Spain: an agenda for research
|Helena Legido-Quigley and Daniel La Parra

European Snapshots

Migration patterns of Polish doctors within the EU |
Joanna Leśniowska

Restructuring municipalities and municipal health services in Finland
|Lauri Vuorenkoski

Evidence-informed Decision Making

"Bandolier": Mobile phones and cancer|

"Mythbusters": The risks of immunising children often outweigh the benefits|


Health on the move
|David McDaid (Editor) and Philipa Mladovsky (Deputy Editor)