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Eurohealth Volume 17 Number 2-3


Meeting the challenge of ageing and long-term care

Ageing and long-term care

1. Introduction: The demand for long-term care for older people

Lisa Trigg

3. Help wanted! Balancing fair protection and financial sustainability in long-term care

Francesca Colombo and Jérôme Mercier

7. The impact of changing patterns of disease on disability and the need for long-term care

Carol Jagger, Ruth Matthews, James Lindesay and Carol Brayne

10. Disability, dementia and the future costs of long-term care

Adelina Comas-Herrera, Juliette Malley, Raphael Wittenberg, Bo Hu and Carol Jagger

13. Long-term care: valuing care providers

Frits Tjadens and Francesca Colombo

18. Use of care services in relation to proximity to death among older people: Evidence from Finland

Mike Murphy and Pekka Martikainen

21. Implementing remote care in the UK: an update of progress

Jane Hendy, James Barlow and Theopisti Chrysanthaki

24. The role of ICT support services to promote ageing in place. The ACTION service

Elizabeth Hanson and Lennart Magnusson

27. Classification, assessment and comparison of European LTC services. Development of an integrated system

Luis Salvador-Carulla, Cristina Romero, Germain Weber, Hristo Dimitrov, Lilijana Sprah, Britt Venner and David McDaid for the eDESDE-LTC Group

Health Policy developments 

30. NICE supporting England and Wales through times of change

Tarang Sharma, Nick Doyle, Sarah Garner, Bhash Naidoo and Peter Littlejohns

31. Which type of hospital ownership has the best performance? Evidence and implications from Germany

Oliver Tiermann, Jonas Schreyögg and Reinhard Busse

34. Health care across borders: Implications of the EU Directive on cross-border health care for the English NHS

Elisabetta Zanon

36. Towards fairer care funding in England

David McDaid