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Eurohealth Volume 14 Number 3


Medical Devices

1. Financing medical devices in Europe: Current trends and perspectives for research

Elio Borgonovi, Reinhard Busse, Panos Kanavos

4. The procurement landscape for medical devices in England: Recent developments and applications to wound care

Corinna Sorenson

7. Financing medical devices: The case of implantable cardioverter defibrillators and coronary stents in Italy

Giulia Cappellaro, Aleksandra Torbica

9. Reference pricing for outpatient medical aids in Germany

Michael Bäumler, Jonas Schreyögg, Sabine Meissner, Reinhard Busse

Public Health Perspectives

12. Cancer control in Europe today: challenges and policy options

Delia-Marina Alexe, Tit Albreht, Martin McKee, Michel Coleman

Health Policy Development

16. Lampedusa and pharmaceutical distribution: community pharmacy in the 21st century

Ricard Meneu

19. The over-the-counter pharmaceutical market - policy and practice

Christine Bond

25. Development and use of the Japanese case-mix system

Shinya Matsuda, Kohichi B Ishikawa, Kazuaki Kuwabara, Kenji Fujimori, Kiyohide Fushimi, Hideki Hashimoto

30. e-Health in Canada: Lessons for European health systems

Denis Protti

European Snapshots

33. Assessment for reimbursement: Collaboration at EU-level, the MEDEV-experiment

Ad Schuurman

34. Moldova: Using social health insurance to reduce out-of-pocket payments and improve equity

Erica Richardson

Evidence-informed Decision Making

36. "Risk in Perspective" Ozone and mortality - an update

39. "Bandolier" Pharmacy care in older patients