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Eurohealth Volume 14 Number 2


Pharmaceutical Policy

1. Editorial - Cost containment: impact and consequences

Melinda Hanisch and Panos Kanavos

3. Pricing pharmaceuticals: value based pricing in what sense? 

Alistair McGuire, Maria Raikou and Panos Kanavos

6. Pharmaceutical pricing in France: a critique

Philippe Sauvage

8. Can Europe afford innovation?

Thomas B Cueni

11. Innovation and regulation in the biopharmaceuticals sector

Jim Attridge

16. Challenges in the economic evaluation of orphan drugs

Michael F Drummond

18. Generic medicines from a societal perspective: savings for health care systems?

Elizabeth Seeley and Panos Kanavos

22. Does pharmaceutical parallel trade serve the objectives of cost control?

Panos Kanavos and Stacey Kowal

European Snapshots

27. When will it happen? Paving the way for risk adjustment in Slovakia

Lucia Kossarova

Health and Development

29. The 'Price is Right'? Promoting local production for ARVs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kinsley Wilson, Jillian Cohen-Köhler and Alan Whiteside

33. Public-private sector partnerships as a means of development in Africa, in the context of HIV/AIDS

Gavin George and Tim Quinlan

Evidence-informed Decision Making

37. "Myth Busters" We can improve quality one doctor at a time

39. "Bandolier" On limitations


Ensuring affordability, safeguarding innovation

David McDaid (Editor); Sherry Merkur (Deputy Editor); Philipa Mladovsky (Deputy Editor)