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Eurohealth Volume 13 Number 4


Perspectives from the US

Pay-for-Performance in the US: What lessons for Europe?
Marin Gemmill

Kaiser Permanente revisited – Can European health care systems learn?
Martin Strandberg-Larsen, Michaela L Schiøtz, Anne Frølich

Public Health Perspectives

Tackling assessment of the performance of health services
Walter Holland

Assessment of genomics as a priority for public health
Walter Ricciardi and Stefania Boccia

Health Policy Developments

Health care services for tourists in the Veneto Region
Simona Bellometti and Luigi Bertinato

Choice, competition and the political left
Zachary Cooper and Julian Le Grand

The health care needs of UK pensioners living in Spain: an agenda for research
Helena Legido-Quigley and Daniel La Parra

European Snapshots

Migration patterns of Polish doctors within the EU
Joanna Leśniowska

Restructuring municipalities and municipal health services in Finland
Lauri Vuorenkoski

Evidence-informed Decision Making

"Bandolier": Mobile phones and cancer

"Mythbusters": The risks of immunising children often outweigh the benefits


Health on the move
David McDaid (Editor) and Philipa Mladovsky (Deputy Editor)