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Eurohealth Volume 13 Number 1


Migration and health

6. Health worker migration in Europe: assessing the policy options

    James Buchan

9. Migrant health in the EU

    Philipa Mladovsky

Health Policy Developments

12. Payment by Results in England

      Seán Boyle

17. Mental health policy: Time to refocus on promotion and prevention

      David McDaid

20. Long-term care reform in Spain

      Joan Costa-Font and Anna García González

European Snapshots

1. Albania: The Health Insurance Institute and pharmaceutical reimbursement

    Florentina Gjeci

4. The introduction of DRGs in Croatia

    Luka Voncina, Tihomir Strizrep and Aleksandar Dzakula

Evidence-informed Decision Making

23. "Bandolier" Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) revisited

25. "Risk in Perspective" Air pollution risks in China


    "Train of thought: migration and health"

    David McDaid (Editor) and Sherry Merkur (Deputy Editor)


    Silent victories. The history and practice of public health in twentieth-century America

    by Walter Holland