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Eurohealth Volume 12 Number 4

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Health Policy Developments

  1. Improving access to medicines in the Russian Federation: The Programme for    Supplementary Pharmaceutical Provision
    Ramil U Khabriev, Panos G Kanavos, Elena A Telnova and Gilea N Gildeeva
  2. European junior doctors who work at night
    Roy Pounder
  3. Is Denmark prepared to meet future health care demands?
    Martin Strandberg-Larsen, Mikkel Bernt Nielsen, Allan Krasnik and Karsten    Vrangbæk
  4. Institutional change or political stalemate? Health care financing reform in Germany
    Kai Mosebach
  5. Pharmaceutical policy reform in Spain
    Joan Costa-Font and David McDaid

Global Health

  1. Corporate lifelines: a new approach to making poverty history
    David McDaid

Public Health Perspectives

  1. The impact of smoke-free hospitality venues in Norway
    Karl Erik Lund and Marianne Lund

European Snapshots

  1. Improving access to health care in Armenia
    Erica Richardson
  2. Ireland's grey vote grows bolder
    Anne Dempsey

Evidence-informed Decision Making

  1. "Mythbusters" Managed care = mangled care
  2. "Bandolier" What is evidence-based medicine?