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  • School for Social Care Research - New Funding for Research Projects Call

  • A paper by Mara Airoldi and Dr Alec Morton has been awarded an ISPOR Award for Excellence in Methodology in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Research by the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)
    The paper "Adjusting Life for Quality or Disability: Stylistic Difference or Substantial Dispute?" Health Economics 2009; 18: 1237 is part of their work on the QQuIP project funded by The Health Foundation.
           "The award is given to a distinguished paper that advances the field of outcomes research and is expected to have a substantial impact on the field with anticipated wide acceptance and application by others."

  • The Effects of HIV/AIDS on Rural Communities in East Africa: A Twenty Year Perspective
    Janet Seeley (University of East Anglia), Stefan Dercon (University of Oxford), and Tony Barnett (London School of Economics)
    Published in Tropical Medicince and International Health, March 2010.

  • LSE Health to establish and maintain the new CHRE International Observatory on the Regulation of Health Professionals, January 2010
    LSE Health has been awarded a contract by the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) to establish and maintain the new CHRE International Obervatory on the Regulation of Health Professionals. The objectives of the Observatory are to advance understanding, enable learning across countries and facilitate the spread of good practice in the regulation of health professionals internationally. The Observatory's work programme will include country reporting, commissioned research, a rapid response facility to provide information and policy advice, and the production of analytical reports on key topics such as revalidation, fitness to practise, trends in regulatory reform and the impact of payment reform on professional behaviour. Observatory research will also address broader topics relating to the identification and adoption of good practice and to how country context affects the potential for regulatory reform. Working closely with CHRE, the work at LSE Health will be led by Professors Alistair McGuire and Elias Mossialos and will be coordinated by Thomas Foubister. Professor Julian Le Grand (Chair of LSE Health) will sit on the Observatory's strategy group and Professor Robert Baldwin of the Department of Law will be an advisor to Observatory research activity.

  • LSE Health and Social Care wins a Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, November 2009. More

  • LSE Health has been successful in being awarded a 'Rising Powers, Global Challenges and Social Change' programme Network award from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). More

  • Innovation and health: pathways to new technologies. Editorial by Joan Costa-Font, Christophe Courbage and Andrea Mina. Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Volume 18, Issue 5, 2009 , pages 403 - 406.
    Featured in Informaworld

  • The Role of Funding and Policies on Innovation in Cancer Drug Development. Panos Kanavos, Richard Sullivan, Grant Lewison, Willemien Schurer, Seth Eckhouse, Zefi Vlachopioti, September 2009. More

  • Profesor Elias Mossialos, LSE Health, leads research into the challenges concerning antibiotic resistance and launches a new report commissioned by the Swedish Government, Policies and incentives for promoting innovation in antibiotic research. The report was presented at an expert conference in Stockholm on 17th September. More

  • The LSE-EC final report on private health insurance has been published.
    The LSE-EC report on private health insurance was presented to EC officials from three directorates (Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities; Internal Market; and Competition) in July. 
    This new report analyses markets for private health insurance (PHI) in the European Union (EU). Part 1 reviews market role, size, structure and conduct and public policy towards PHI. Part 2 focuses on the impact of EU law on public policy towards PHI. Part 3 examines the policy implications of PHI on health policy objectives within the market and on the wider health system. It also discusses barriers to market development and public debate about the current and future role of PHI. The full report is now available on the Commission's website: Private health insurance in the European Union

  • The QQuIP team in collaboration with the Isle of Wight PCT receives the Excellence in Commissioning Regional Award by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. More

  • Fertility, Living Arrangements, Care and Mobility: understanding population trends and processes. Ernestina Coast, Dylan Kneale and John Stillwell (eds). Springer (May 2009) Volume One. More

  • Seminar on Health Inequalities, May 7th 2009 at LSE, organised by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE Health) in cooperation with the European Commission DG Employment and Social Affairs. Related documents (programme, seminar summary, audio and video available)

  • Electronic prescribing - challenges and lessons learned (download report): A team led by Dr Tony Cornford of LSE Health (Department of Management), and including experts from the School of Pharmacy and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has produced a set of information resources on the implementation of electronic prescribing systems in hospitals. The work was commissioned by Connecting For Health, an agency of the Department of Health, and designed to support trusts as they plan for and implement electronic prescribing systems. The report has also drawn on the advice from international experts in this area in the USA, Australia and the Netherlands.
    Visit the Connecting For Health website for more information on this including an accompanying powerpoint presentation and briefing documents.

  • Pharmaceutical policies in Finland - Challenges and opportunities




  • LSE Health Research digest 2009




  • Health Economics, Policy and Law
    The latest issue of Health Economics, Policy and Law (HEPL) is now on-line. In this issue there is a guest editorial by Naoki Ikegami and John Creighton Campbell on Japanese health policy, and original research articles on nursing home performance in the US (by Decker), public-private partnerships in Denmark (by Vrangbaek), and aging and health expenditure in Finland (by Hakkinen et al).

    There is a perspective article on whether systematic reviews help to inform good decisions in health inequalities policy (by Petticrew and Roberts), and the issue finishes with a review article by Normand on a number of recently published health economics texts.

    The issue can be found at Health Economics, Policy and Law