Presentations 2014

Annette Bauer, Costing Perinatal mental health and understanding cost-effectiveness|, Centre for Mental Health, 16th January 2014

Annette Bauer, Economics in Social Care|, NCCSC Interactive Training Day, London. 13th January 2014

Annette Bauer, Martin Knapp, Gerald Wistow, Proposal for Case Design|, ITSSOIN Launch, London School of Economics, 5th May 2014

Eva-Maria Bonin, Vittoria Ardino, Prevention of Child Maltreatment - The role of economic Modelling|, Evidence Forum Meeting - Local Government House, London, 2 June 2014

Mike Clark, The NIHR School for Social Care Research and Public Involvement|, NIHR Public Involvement Collaboration Group, February 2014

Michael Clark, Research, Implementation and Involvement - What Do We Know About Involving Users in Research?| Presentation to the European Knowledge Tree Conference, 24th March 2014

Adelina Comas-Herrera, France, ABI Social Care Summit: A world to grow old in – international lessons for the new social care system, January 2014

Emilie Courtin, Martin Knapp, Health and wellbeing consequences of social isolation and loneliness: a scoping review preliminary findings, Campaign to End Loneliness Research Hub Meeting, Bristol, January 2014

Josie Dixon, Tihana Matosevic, Derek King, Martin Knapp, Advance care planning in End of Life Care: what do we know about the economic case,| SSCR Annual Conference 2014, London, April 2014

Josie Dixon, Monique Ferdinand, Francesco D'Amico and Martin Knapp, Screening for dementia – evidence on costs and benefits|, Alzheimer's Disease International Conference, Puerto Rico, May 2014

Josie Dixon, MODEM: Comprehensive modelling of costs and outcomes of interventions with dementia, Alzheimer's Disease International Conference, Puerto Rico, May 2014

Jose-Luis Fernandez, Evaluating the outcomes of prevention in social care?, Research in practice for adults annual conference, February 2014

Jose-Luis Fernandez, Matching methods to evidence for evaluating the outcomes of prevention in social care|, SSCR Annual Conference 2014, London, April 2014

Martin Knapp, Using economic evaluation to inform policy discussion and practice change: examples from mental health, British Embassy, Tokyo, January 2014

Martin Knapp, Recession, austerity and mental health: how can we respond? Bocconi University, Milan, February 2014

Martin Knapp, Youth mental health: economic issues, NHS Confederation Annual Conference, London, March 2014

Martin Knapp, Economics of public mental health interventions, UCL Partners, London, March 2014

Martin Knapp, Investing in recovery, National Psychosis Summit, London, April 2014

Martin Knapp and Valentina Iemmi, Economic evaluations of interventions for challenging behaviours: a consensus exercise, Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group, London, March 2014

Martin Knapp, Building community capacity|, SSCR Annual Conference 2014, London, April 2014

David McDaid, Gaps and priorities for mental health research, Workshop on "Public Mental Health Research – Bridging the Gap between Evidence and Policy", Brussels, Belgium, January 2014

David McDaid, Mental health: current and future challenges from an economic and policy perspective, National conference on child and adolescent mental health. Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Stockholm, February 2014

David McDaid, The importance of making an economic case to support the needs of older people in the new local health and social care economy landscape, European Knowledge Tree Conference London, March 2014

David McDaid, Mental health hot topics in Europe: workplace - prevention depression- suicide and - healthy ageing, European Psychiatric Association Conference, Munich, March 2014

David McDaid, Prevention and health promotion at schools and the workplace: attempts and incentives, example of mental health, Chronic Disease Summit, Brussels, April 2014

David McDaid, Counting all the costs: the importance of looking at the economic impacts of poor physical health in people with mental health problems, 17th European Psychiatric Association Section Meeting Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry, Ulm, Germany, May 2014

Juliette Malley, Introduction to ASCOT, Economics in social care, NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care Interactive Training Day, London, 13th January 2014

Juliette Malley, Maximising the value of survey data in adult social care (MAX) project, Meeting with London Councils ADASS S&P group, London, January 2014

Juliette Malley, Clara Heath, K Razik, Is outcomes-based management and policy-making a reality for local government? Findings from the MAX project, QORU seminar: Using information on quality and outcomes to improve decision-making about care, London, March 2014

Linda Pickard, Can we save the Government £1.3 billion annually by supporting unpaid carers in employment?| SSCR Annual Conference 2014, London, April 2014

Lisa Trigg, Online reviews and care, QORU seminar: Using information on quality and outcomes to improve decision-making about care, London, March 2014 

Raphael Wittenberg et al, Modelling Future Costs of Long-Term Care|, MODEM project launch, London School of Economics, 12th May 2014

Raphael Wittenberg, Financing Long-Term Care for Older People|, Pension Research Network Meeting, 23rd May 2014