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" The AXA Research Project on How can private long-term care insurance supplement state systems? The UK as a case study."

funded by the AXA Research Fund.

Venue: London School of Economics (room CLM 2.02)
Date and time: 30th of January 2013, 1pm to 5pm

Hosted by the International Long-Term Care Policy Network (ILPN).

Aim: Presentation and discussion of the findings of the AXARF funded study on how private long-term care insurance can supplement state systems.

The study has involved:   

1.  Consideration of ways in which some of the challenges facing wider take-up of long-term care insurance in the UK could be addressed, including interaction with state funding;

2.  Estimating the expected life-time costs of care for older people in England, by gender and other characteristics under different patterns of care;

3.  Estimation of possible premiums for different potential types of private or private/public insurance policies;

4.  Consideration of the affordability and attractiveness for different individuals of policies with varying levels of premiums and pay-outs, for a range of assumptions on how insurance would interact with state funding; and

5.  Preparation of projections to 2032 of public and private social care expenditure under different potential insurance schemes.


Chair: Martin Knapp, London School of Economics

1.00: Refreshments

1.30: Introductory comments: Benoit Moreau, AXA Research Fund

1.35: Introduction to workshop and study: Raphael Wittenberg, London School of Economics

1.40: Policy background| (PDF): Charles Tallack, Department of Health

1.50: Study of barriers and opportunities: Findings from literature review and discussion with experts| (PDF): Adelina Comas-Herrera, London School of Economics

2.10: Estimates of life-time costs of care and associated potential insurance premiums| (PDF): Raphael Wittenberg

2.50: Affordability of long-term care insurance| (PDF): Ruth Hancock, University of East Anglia

3.10: Tea

3.30: US perspective| (PDF): Joshua Wiener, RTI International Washington

3.50: European perspective| (PDF): Christophe Courbage, Geneva Association

4.10: Industry perspective| (PDF): Jules Constantinou, Gen Re

4.30: Panel discussion of the implications of the study for policy and practice and for future research: Bill Baker, Swiss Re; Jim Boyd, Partnership; James Lloyd, The Strategic Society; Joshua Wiener, RTI International

5.00: Conclusion 

Please also see this presentation (PDF) on the AXA Research Fund's activities.