2008 events

  • A symposium on Julian Le Grand's book, "The other invisible hand"
    Thursday 13 December, 3:00-6:00pm
    Julian Le Grand (LSE)
    Response from David Hunter (Durham)
    Response from Jennifer Dixon (King's Fund)
    Panel discussion with questions/comments from the floor
    Chaired by Dr Adam Oliver
  • The quest to end African poverty: evaluating the Millenium Villages Project in Ghana
    Friday 5 December at 13:30
    Dr Ama de-Graft Aikins, University of Cambridge 
  • A symposium on value-based pricing
    Thursday 22 November, 2:30-5:00pm
    Mark Sculpher (York): The case 'for'
    Panos Kanavos (LSE): The case 'against'
    David Taylor (School of Pharmacy): A response to the 'cases'
    Panel discussion with questions/comments from the floor
    Chaired by Professor Elias Mossialos and Dr Adam Oliver
  • Infertility and women's life courses in northern Malawi
    Friday 14 November at 13:30
    Dr Joanne Hemmings, University of Wales, Swansea
  • The Evaluation of the Individual Budgets Pilots: Messages for Policy and Practice
    Date: 14, November 2008
    Location: The Great Hall, King's College, London
    View programme and presentations (HTML)
  • Assessing the economic impact of HIV and AIDS on household welfare in Kwazulu-natal, South Africa
    Friday 24 October at 13:30
    Alessandra Garbero, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • 'German Health Care 2008 - learning from others, or to learn from?'
    Merck Foundation Lecture 2007/08 by Professor Reinhard Busse
    Date: 8 May 2008. Presentation (Powerpoint)
  • 'Equity in health and health care: lessons from an Asian comparative study'
    Merck Foundation Lecture 2006/2007 by Professor Eddy van Doorslaer
    Date: 16 March 2007. Presentation (Powerpoint)
  • 'Health Technology Assessment: Has the UK got it right?'
    Merck Foundation Lecture 2005/2006 by Professor Michael Drummond
    Date: 10 March 2006. Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • The demographic consequences of conflict, exile and repatriation: a case study of Malian Tuareg
    Thursday 6 March 2008 (17:15 - 18:45)
    Dr Sara Randall, University College London 
  • Religiosity, spirituality and sex: beliefs and behaviours of religiously active African-American youth
    Thursday 14 February 2008 (17:15 - 18:45)
    Professor Elizabeth Cooksey, Ohio State University
  • Fertility trends in the UK
    Thursday 24 January 2008 (17:15 - 18:45)
    Dr Julie Jeffries, Office for National Statistics