Useful links

  • National Institute for Health Research
    The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) was established in April 2006 to carry forward the vision, mission and goals outlined in the Government's health research strategy for England: Best Research for Best Practice.

    The NIHR provides the framework through which the research staff and research infrastructure of the NHS in England is positioned, maintained and managed as a national research facility.

    The NIHR provides the NHS with the support and infrastructure it needs to conduct first-class research funded by the Government and its partners alongside high-quality patient care, education and training. Its aim is to support outstanding individuals (both leaders and collaborators), working in world class facilities (both NHS and university), conducting leading edge research focused on the needs of patients. 
  • Department of Health (Social Care Directorate)
    The Department of Health works to define policy and guidance for delivering a social care system that provides care equally for all, whilst enabling people to retain their independence, control and dignity.
    INVOLVE is a national advisory group, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Its role is to support and promote active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.
  • Making Research Count
    Making Research Count is a national research dissemination network based regionally in the social work departments of ten English Universities.
  • NIHR Public Health Research Programme
    The NIHR Public Health Research (PHR) programme evaluates public health interventions, providing new knowledge on the benefits, costs, acceptability and wider impacts of non-NHS interventions intended to improve the health of the public and reduce inequalities in health. The scope of the programme is multi-disciplinary and broad, covering a range of interventions that improve public health.
  • NIHR School for Primary Care Research
    Founded in October 2006, the NIHR School for Primary Care Research is a partnership between the five leading academic centres for primary care research in England. The School's main aim is to increase the evidence base for primary care practice.
  • Research in Practice for Adults
    Research in practice for adults is a newly established research utilisation organisation for adult social care aiming to promote the use of evidence-informed practice in the planning and delivery of adult social care services.
  • Research Register for Social Care
  • Social Care Institute for Excellence
    The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) was established by Government in 2001 to improve social care services for adults and children in the United Kingdom.