Presentations 2005

Seán Boyle, The Waiting Game: Experience of the NHS in England since 1997, Canadian Medical Association Conference, Ottawa, Ontario

Seán Boyle and Julian Pratt, Agent-Based Working: Devices for Systemic Dialogue, Leeds University Business School Conference, Leeds

Adelina Comas-Herrera, Making projections of Long-Term Care Expenditure: Examples and Methodological Challenges, Presentation to the Long-term issues group of the HM Treasury, London

Adelina Comas-Herrera, Making Projections of Public Long-Term Care Expenditure for European Countries: A Proposed Methodology and Data Requirements, Workshop organised by the European Commission's Working Group on Ageing and the OECD, Brussels

Adelina Comas-Herrera, Future Long-Term Care Expenditure: Challenges Ahead, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe workshop, Malta

Adelina Comas-Herrera, Projections of Future Long-Term Care Expenditure in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom To 2050, Round table at the International Population Studies conference, Tours

Julien Forder and Jose-Luis Fernandez, Prevention is Better than Cure? The Impact of Social Services on Hospital Inpatient Admissions for Older People in England, International Health Economics Association Conference, Barcelona

Julien Forder and Jose-Luis Fernandez, The Wanless Social Care Review, Institute for Ageing, University of Oxford

Pat Gordon and Julian Pratt, Engaging with Whole Systems: Implications for Evaluation, Workshop for the Scottish Evaluation Network, Edinburgh

Martin Knapp, Economics: Facts, Barriers, Opportunities and Challenges, WHO European Ministerial Conference on Mental Health, Helsinki

Martin Knapp, Socio-Economic Impacts (of Ageing), Royal Society of Medicine Conference, Windsor

Martin Knapp, The Cost of Depression, Experience and Evidence in Psychiatry Conference, Madrid

Martin Knapp, Employment and Mental Health: Challenge and Response, World Psychiatric Association Conference, Cairo

Martin Knapp, New Challenges and New Opportunities in the Cost-Effectiveness World, World Psychiatric Association Conference, Cairo

Martin Knapp, Economic Challenges for Mental Health, Catalan Council of Mental Health Conference, Barcelona

Martin Knapp, Public Policies in Intellectual Disability: The Roles of Economics, Mental Health and Mental Retardation Congress, Barcelona

Martin Knapp, Health Economics of Anti-Dementia Drugs, British Association for Psychopharmacology Consensus meeting, Manchester

Martin Knapp, Economic Challenges for Mental Health, Psychiatrie Gestern - Hutheute - Morgan, Berne, Switzerland

Martin Knapp, Economic Evaluation of Complex Interventions... Some FAQs, DfES Conference on Complex Interventions, London

Martin Knapp, Adult Economic Consequences of Childhood Circumstances, Costs, Consequences and Benefits of Social Care Conference, Loughborough

Martin Knapp and David McDaid, Networking Mental Health Economists Across Europe, Seventh Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry, Venice

Martin Knapp, David McDaid and Claire Curran, Networking Mental Health Economists across Europe, Financing Mental Health and Addictive Disorders, Venice

Martin Knapp and Francesco Moscone, Geographical Variations in Expenditure on Learning Disability Services in England, Mental Health and Mental Retardation Congress, Barcelona

Roshni Mangalore, and Martin Knapp, Unmet Needs and Equity in Mental Health Services in the UK, 5th World Congress of the International Health Economics Association, Barcelona

Roshni Mangalore, Martin Knapp and Jan McKendrick, Are QALYS Suitable for Schizophrenia Trials?, ISPOR 8th Annual European Congress, Florence, Italy

David McDaid, Promoting Social Inclusion: Moving Beyond the Health Sector, UK Presidency Associated Event on Mental Health Inequalities, Radisson SAS Hotel, Stansted

David McDaid, What Is Health Economics All About and How Can We Use It? Eighth Worldwide Conference of Arthritis and Rheumatism Patient Societies, Nicosia, Cyprus

David McDaid, Key Challenges for Mental Health Policy in the European Union, Presentation to Social Report, DG Employment and Social Affairs, Brussels

David McDaid, Key Challenges for Funding and Allocating Resources to Mental Health in Europe, Società Italiana di Epidemiologia Psichiatrica, VII Congresso Nazionale, Biella

David McDaid, IHEA Mental Health Economics Panel Session (and organiser), Barcelona

David McDaid, Financing Mental Health Care and the Role of Economics Across Europe, Slovakian National Community Mental Health Care Conference, Bratislava

David McDaid, Rehabilitation Pays - An Overview of Economic Appraisal Processes in the Rehabilitation Sector, Rehabilitation Pays, International Conference, Dublin Castle, Dublin

David McDaid, Health Policy Workshop. Dahlgren and Whitehead and Beyond The Social Determinants of Health in Research, Policy and Service Delivery, Cardiff Institute of Health, Society and Ethics, Cardiff University

David McDaid, Mental Health Policy and Practice in Europe, Guest lecture for International MSc in Health Policy, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

David McDaid, The Burden of Injuries in Europe, European Commission Meeting of the Working Party on Injury Prevention, Luxembourg

David McDaid, Actions against Depression. Presentation of European Commission Funded Work on Mental Health, Ministerial Conference on Mental Health in Europe, Helsinki

David McDaid and Justin Needle, Economic Evaluation and Public Health: Mapping the Literature, Meeting of the Welsh Assembly Government Wanless Research Programme, Birmingham

David McDaid, Shirley Russell, Eva Elliot and Gareth Williams, Evaluating Healthy Living Centres. Results from a National Evaluation, UK Public Health Association Annual Conference, Gateshead

Francesco Moscone, Jose Luis Fernandez, Julien Forder and Martin Knapp, Sources of Variations in Performance of Local English Long-term Care Departments: Demand, Supply and Interdependence, International Health Economics Association Conference, Barcelona

Monica D. Oliveira and David McDaid, Evaluating the Portuguese Mental Health System, Financing Mental Health and Addictive Disorders, Venice

Linda Pickard, Raphael Wittenberg, Adelina Comas, Derek King and Juliette Malley (2005) Care by Spouses and Care by Children: Implications for Expenditure on Long-term Care for Older People in England to 2031, British Society of Gerontology (BSG) Annual Conference Ageing Societies: Critical Perspectives on the Past, Present and Future, Keele University

Diane Plamping and Julian Pratt, Scenario Planning for Future Workforce, Workshop, King's Fund, London

Steve Platt, Emma Halliday, Allyson McCollam, David McDaid, Joanne McLean, Margaret Maxwell, Amy Woodhouse and Avril Blamey, Evaluating Scotland's Suicide Prevention Strategy: Methodology And Early Findings, 13th World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, Durban, South Africa

Raphael Wittenberg, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Derek King, Linda Pickard and Juliette Malley, Projections of Future Expenditure on Long-Term Care for Older People in England, Long-term Care Conference, ZEW Mannheim, Germany

Raphael Wittenberg, Linda Pickard, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Derek King and Juliette Malley, Long-term Care for Older People in England, UNESCO Conference, Paris