Euro Observer

Until Summer 2011, Euro Observer was the health policy bulletin of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.  It provided information on key health policy issues and heath care system reforms across Europe through review articles, case studies and commentaries. It also highlighted Observatory studies, reports and other research activities.

Euro Observer has now been incorporated as a thematic section within the health policy periodical Eurohealth, starting from issue 17.4. Eurohealth is available for download and hard copies can be obtained by subscribing by email at:

The last published issue of Euro Observer is Vol. 13(2), Summer 2011 and past issues remain available for download. Each issue of Euro Observer focuses on a particular policy area, with an overview article and case studies, making available evidence-based examples that can further our understanding of the changes taking place in health care systems across Europe.

Back issues of Euro Observer can be downloaded in PDF format below. This format requires your computer to have the Acrobat Reader installed. If you do not have this programme, you can download a free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.