Aims and objectives

Our ambition is to underpin a better understanding of good metrics of non-financial value. 

Impact investors, practitioners and policy-makers alike are increasingly aware of the importance of better metrics and making serious efforts to achieve improvements. We are looking to work with stakeholders and respondents from all groups with insights to offer. We aim to heighten understanding of the processes by which good metrics are formed, whether such metrics share common features in their inherent design, and the way in which they are able to shape impact investment decision-making for the better.

The overarching  aim of the study, therefore, is to develop insights into the measurement and integration of wider social and environmental benefits for social investment. The detailed objectives of the research are to:

  • Set out a conceptual framework to understand and define the impact of investment activities financed by the European Investment Bank in different areas across Europe on the agendas of social entrepreneurship, sustainability-focussed business models and micro-finance; 
  • Set out an analytical model outlining at which stage and in what ways (social and environmental) impact objectives are incorporated in the investment decision-making processes of ‘impact investors’; 
  • Draw out empirical findings on the extent to which such (social and environmental) impact objectives are incorporated into decision-making processes, and expectations on how this will change in future; and
  • Refine and/or develop new tools and methodologies to improve prevailing impact investment activities in both decision-making and evaluation procedures, drawing on good practice from the public, private and non-Governmental sectors.