PhD students

Names of those who have been awarded their doctorate are followed by *, see Previous PhD students for some of their brief biographies (not all have provided them).  

Richard Bramwell* The Aesthetics and Ethics of London Based Rap: a sociology of UK hip-hop and grime  Supervisor: Paul Gilroy
David Church Urban containment, polycentricity and travel patterns: investigating the development and persistence of 'planning doctrine' in a European context Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Michelle Cullen Cities on the Path to ‘Smart’ Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/Don Slater
Juliet Davis* Urbanising the Event: present politics and future plans for London's Olympic Legacy Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Corinna Dean* Establishing the Tate Modern Cultural Quarter: social and cultural regeneration through art and architecture Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Cecilia Dinardi*
(Sociology Dept Phd)
Title/topic: Against the Culture Panacea: The politics of heritage, national remembering and urban regeneration in Buenos Aires 
Supervisor: Paul Gilroy
Caroline Donnellan* Establishing Tate Modern: vision and patronage Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Richard Stockton Dunlap* Reassessing Ronchamp: the historical context, architectural discourse and design development of Le Corbusier's Chapel Notre Dame-du-Haut Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia* Constructing 'the Other', Practicing Resistance: Public housing and community politics in Puerto Rico Supervisor: Suki Ali/Ayona Datta
Gunter Gassner* Unfinished and unfinishable: London’s skylines’ Supervisor: Robert Tavernor/Nigel Dodd 
Suzanne Hall* A mile of mixed blessings: an ethnography of boundaries and belonging on a South London street   Supervisor: Robert Tavernor/Janet Foster
Alasdair Jones*

On South Bank: the production of public space

Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Adam Kaasa* Writing, Drawing, Building: The Architecture of Mexico City, 1938-1964 Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/Richard Sennett
Jamie Keddie Gentrification and the redesign of urban life: the case of Bermondsey Supervisor: Robert Tavernor/Fran Tonkiss 
Daniel Kilburn* Together, Apart? Situating Social Relations and Housing Provision in the Everyday Life of New-build Mixed-tenure Housing Developments Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Robin J H Kim*

Correlation and Evolution: A New Urban Axis in London between St Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern

Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Juergen Kufner*

Tall building policy making and implementation in central London: Visual impacts on regionally protected views from 2000 to 2008  

Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Olivia Muñoz-Rojas Oscarsson* War-time destruction and post-war reconstruction of cities: Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid during and after the Spanish Civil War (1936-1959) Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/David Frisby
Iliana Ortega-Alcázar* Brick by brick: building families and houses in Mexico City Supervisor: Suki Ali/Richard Sennett 
Susan Parham* Exploring London's food quarters: urban design and social process in three food-centred spaces Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Katherine Robinson Becoming a local: how identities are mediated through localised spatial practices in London and Berlin Supervisor: Suzanne Hall/Fran Tonkiss
Philipp Rode Integrated planning, design and transport Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/Anne Power
Torsten Schroeder* Translating the concept of sustainability into architectural design practices: London’s City Hall as an exemplar Supervisor: Robert Tavernor/Leslie Sklair
Hiromasa Shirai* Opportunity or burden?  The legacy of the Olympic site for the city Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Attila Szanto* Narrating the Urban in Contemporary Budapest Supervisor: David Frisby
Ricardo de Vasconcelos
Design of urban space: the case of Parque das Nações 1993-2005 Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Ed Wall Public space in London Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/Suzanne Hall
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