PhD students

For more information on current PhD students please click on their names below (where there is no link there is no further information provided on the site at present).  Names of those who have been awarded their doctorate are followed by *, see Previous PhD students.  

Richard Bramwell* The Aesthetics and Ethics of London Based Rap: a sociology of UK hip-hop and grime  Supervisor: Paul Gilroy
David Church Urban containment, polycentricity and travel patterns: investigating the development and persistence of 'planning doctrine' in a European context Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Michelle Cullen| Cities on the Path to ‘Smart’ Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/Don Slater
Juliet Davis* Urbanising the Event: present politics and future plans for London's Olympic Legacy Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Corinna Dean| Establishing Tate Modern cultural quarter: regeneration through art and architecture Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Cecilia Dinardi*
(Sociology Dept Phd)
Title/topic: Against the Culture Panacea: The politics of heritage, national remembering and urban regeneration in Buenos Aires 
Supervisor: Paul Gilroy
Caroline Donnellan* Establishing Tate Modern: vision and patronage Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Richard Stockton Dunlap| Reading Ronchamp: An analysis of the historical context, architectural discourse, and schematic design of Le Corbusier's Chapel Notre Dame-du-Haut. Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia* Constructing 'the Other', Practicing Resistance: Public housing and community politics in Puerto Rico Supervisor: Suki Ali/Ayona Datta
Gunter Gassner* Unfinished and unfinishable: London’s skylines’ Supervisor: Robert Tavernor/Nigel Dodd 
Suzanne Hall* A mile of mixed blessings: an ethnography of boundaries and belonging on a South London street   Supervisor: Robert Tavernor/Janet Foster
Alasdair Jones*

On South Bank: the production of public space

Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Adam Kaasa* Writing, Drawing, Building: The Architecture of Mexico City, 1938-1964 Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/Richard Sennett
Jamie Keddie| Gentrification and the redesign of urban life: the case of Bermondsey Supervisor: Robert Tavernor/Fran Tonkiss 
Daniel Kilburn* Together, Apart? Situating Social Relations and Housing Provision in the Everyday Life of New-build Mixed-tenure Housing Developments Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Robin J H Kim*

Correlation and Evolution: A New Urban Axis in London between St Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern

Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Juergen Kufner*

Tall building policy making and implementation in central London: Visual impacts on regionally protected views from 2000 to 2008  

Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Olivia Muñoz-Rojas Oscarsson* War-time destruction and post-war reconstruction of cities: Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid during and after the Spanish Civil War (1936-1959) Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/David Frisby
Iliana Ortega-Alcázar* Brick by brick: building families and houses in Mexico City Supervisor: Suki Ali/Richard Sennett 
Susan Parham* Exploring London's food quarters: urban design and social process in three food-centred spaces Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Katherine Robinson Becoming a local: how identities are mediated through localised spatial practices in London and Berlin Supervisor: Suzanne Hall/Fran Tonkiss
Philipp Rode Integrated planning, design and transport Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/Anne Power
Torsten Schroeder Architecture and climate change: the construction of green identities Supervisor: Robert Tavernor/Leslie Sklair
Hiromasa Shirai | Opportunity or burden?  The legacy of the Olympic site for the city Supervisor: Robert Tavernor
Attila Szanto* Narrating the Urban in Contemporary Budapest Supervisor: David Frisby
Ricardo de Vasconcelos
Design of urban space: the case of Parque das Nações 1993-2005 Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss
Ed Wall Public space in London Supervisor: Fran Tonkiss/Suzanne Hall
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