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Cities Programme

The Cities Programme is an international centre dedicated to the understanding of contemporary urban society. Its central objective is to relate physical structure to the social structure of cities.

The programme is the graduate education branch of LSE Cities, which is hosted by the Department of Sociology, and offers degree courses at MSc and PhD level. 


Dr David MaddenDavid Madden to co-direct Cities Programme

We are delighted to announce that Dr David Madden (pictured right) has been appointed Co-Director of the Programme with Dr Suzanne Hall.  David is Assistant Professor in Sociology and works on urban studies, political sociology and social theory.  He teaches the SO470 Urban Social Theory course and has been a core member of the MSc City Design teaching team for several years.  He co-convened the City Design Research Studio in 2016-17 and led the field trip to Naples with Suzi in February 2017. He is author (with Peter Marcuse) of In Defence of Housing: The politics of crisis  (Verso 2016).

Holy Delta ASSummer in the City

Read the news from our students, staff and alumni (including Alejandro Sajgalik pictured right) in the latest issue of our online newsletter:

Cities News July 2017

Publication launch: Connected City

On 6 June 2017 MSc City Design students, staff, alumni and guests met to celebrate the launch of the latest Cities Studio publication Connected City, edited by current students Rachel Brain and Ravi Anand Loknath.

This year the City Design Research Studio focused on differing forms of connection in Thamesmead, responding to the varied scales at which Thamesmead is severed from the city and the Thames. Thamesmead also provides a context to consider new connections, accompanied by a predicted substantial population growth and large-scale construction of new forms of housing. Working in interdisciplinary groups, our students explored how different forms of physical and social connections provide networks and systems for thinking about emerging micro-economies, everyday patterns of mobility, relations between civic life and the politics of social housing, alternative logics for managing public space, and the underlying asset of water that has historically shaped the site. These explorations are located in the context of growing urban inequalities and definitive shifts in how urban resources are financed and distributed. Conected City is available to read (as a PDF for each chapter) from Cities Studio publications.

Suzi Hall on urban migration and super-diversity

Dr Suzi Hall (Director of the Cities Programme) has two new publications on urban migration. Her article with Julia King and Robin Finlay on ‘Migrant infrastructure’ published in Urban Studies (2017) explores how highly variegated migrant proprietors develop transaction economies within marginalised city streets in Birmingham and Leicester:

Her latest article on ‘Mooring “super-diversity” to a brutal migration milieu’ published in Ethnic and Racial Studies 40th anniversary celebration (2017), explores processes of subordination that underpin the European migration system: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/01419870.2017.1300296

Cycling in Hackney: Cities alum Tiffany Lam reports

Tiffany Lam, who graduated from the MSc City Design in 2016, has published an article in the journal Applied Mobilities based on her Independent Project for the programme, a critique of the east London borough's strategy to increase the number of people cycling and improve conditions for cyclists.  Read it here: Hackney: a cycling borough for whom?

To find out about Cities alumni and some of their current occupations follow the Cities alumni and careers link in the contents panel.  If you are a former student on the MSc or PhD programme and would like to be added to the alumni list, update your details or have news to share please get in touch.

MSc City Design and Social Science 2016-17

This year the focus of the City Design Research Studio, which is at the heart of the MSc programme, was the huge Thamesmead development bordering the Thames in the south-east of London. Thamesmead falls between the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley and is home to 40,000 people. It emerged in the late 1960s as part of a ‘new town’ planning initiative in response to London’s housing shortage.  To complement this intensive London-based study the students also visited Naples in February.  For more on our annual field trips please follow the link from our MSc City Design and Social Science page, contents panel left.  Images above right from the trip courtesy of Suzi Hall (top) and Bridget Ackeifi (bottom).

PhD Programme

Thinking of doing a PhD with us?  Take a look at our PhD pages and read these guidelines to find out more about what we offer and the research areas we are interested in: Urban Sociology Cluster PhD Outline (PDF).


Divided Cities: urban inequalities in the 21st century

The twenty-first century has been declared ‘the century of the city’, but we need to ask what kinds of cities are emerging as increasing urbanisation goes together with worsening inequality. Why does urban inequality matter, and what is distinctive about urban inequalities now? Professor Fran Tonkiss, Director of the Cities Programme, gave a public lecture on these questions on 6 May 2015  at LSE. 
Image right of Sao Paolo courtesy of Tuca Viera.

Listen to/watch the event podcast and video.


Marcuse_Madden_-_In_Defense_of_HousingIn Defence of Housing: The politics of crisis

Dr David Madden and Peter Marcuse on the housing crisis occuring now in every major city in the world. How did this happen and what can we do about it? Everyone needs and deserves housing. But today our homes are being transformed into commodities, making the inequalities of the city ever more acute. In Defense of Housing: The politics of crisis (Verso 2016):  Verso Books.



cities-layout-cropCities by Design: The social life of urban form

Who makes our cities, and what part do everyday users have in their design? This book by Cities Programme director Professor Fran Tonkiss (Polity 2013) shows that city-making is a social process, and examines the close relationship between the social and physical shaping of urban environments.  For more details see publisher's webpage.

City-Street-and-CitizenCity, Street and Citizen

On 12 June 2012 Dr Suzanne Hall discussed her book City Street and Citizen: The Measure of the Ordinary (Routledge) with Caroline Knowles, Professor of Sociology and Head of the Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths. This event was co-hosted by LSE Cities and the Sociology Forum.  Listen to City Street and Citizen podcast.  

In the media

Deadly Cityscapes of Inequality

On 19 June 2017 Dr David Madden wrote this response to the horrific fire in Grenfell Tower, West London, which took place a few days earlier, in a blog for The Sociological Review: Deadly Cityscapes of Inequality.

The global housing crisis

‘It will take 46 years for the average single person to save for a deposit on their first home in London.’  How did we get to this?  Read Dr David Madden's article in The Guardian online from 5 October 2016: A Homegrown Housing Crisis

With Peter Marcuse, he also published two pieces in Jacobin on the situation in New York and across the world: read No Rent for Rats and The Permanent Crisis of Housing.

The Secret Lives of Cities

Are cities anything more than the bricks, mortar, and steel that make them up? And what role can science and technology play in the cities of tomorrow? In this talk for The Guardian on 28 August 2016 Professor Fran Tonkiss joins presenter Nicola Davis and physicist and author Laurie Winkless to talk about aspects of cities which are often overlooked but may be crucial to their, and our, futures.  Listen to the podcast.

Are we living in an urban vortex?

Read an interview (1 of 2) with Dr Suzi Hall for the Researching Sociology@LSE blog, in which she talks about UK cities and immigration post-2008: Are We LIving In An Urban Vortex?

City Debates 2015: Fran Tonkiss and Peter Marcuse

In March 2015 Professor Fran Tonkiss took part in the international conference on ‘Other gentrifications’ at the American University Beirut, the 2015 edition of the AUB’s City Debates annual conference series, and bringing academics, students and practitioners from Lebanon and the MENA region together with colleagues from Europe, North and South America. Fran took part in the closing conversation with Peter Marcuse,  Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning at Columbia University, New York City.  Watch the video (YouTube).

Ridding design of its saviour complex

Professor Fran Tonkiss published a piece in Issue #5 of cityscapes, (African Centre for Cities in conjunction with Tau Tavengwa): 'Cities are among the clearest of cases that design is never simply a technical process, and is not confined to those with the right credentials or the latest software.'  Read the article


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