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Cities alumni and careers

Cities Programme graduates find career opportunities across a wide range of urban design, planning and development agencies and consultancies in the private, public and community sectors. Cities alumni form a vibrant international network, and are a valuable source of advice, information and guidance for current students and recent graduates through regular alumni evenings and Cities public events, participation in Studio reviews, and informal contacts. 

See Cities alumni (PDF) left hand menu, to find out what some of our former students are doing - with some highlights below.  If you are a Cities alumnus and would like to be added to the list, change your details or just keep us updated with your contact details, please email cities@lse.ac.uk|.

LinkedIn| A growing number of our alumni can be found individually and in the LSE Cities Programme group on LinkedIn.  

Class of 2013

Update April 2014: Amy Parker is now Junior Project Manager, The Blossom Avenue, New York, Julia Thayne is Manager, North American Center of Competence for Cities, Siemens, Washington DC and Nicola Walt is Senior Consultant, Smart Cities at Arup, London.

November 2013: Our latest graduates are now working, looking for work or may be going on to further study.  News so far:  Carina Arvizu-Machado has an internship at Artichoke, an organization that produces large scale events, including two Lumiere Festivals in Durham and Derry.  Catarina de Almeida Brito has joined AMO/OMA with Rem Koolhaas.  Jacob Brown is working as a research assistant at the International Institute for Counterterrorism, Tel Aviv, until February 2014.  Nicola Walt is now working at Arup in their Smart Cities team.  Graduates - we wish you luck and please send us your updates!

Graduation 2012Class of 2012

Picture: Graduates Sharifa Alshalfan and Denizer Ibrahim at the Graduation Ceremony December 2012.

Update July 2013: Ximena Ocampo has set up an organisation with friends and colleagues in Mexico called dérive LAB: www.derivelab.org|Daniel Moser is international campaigner for climate and mobility, Greenpeace Germany.

April 2013: Francis Moss is a partner at Marko & Placemakers, a London based consultancy focusing on urban narratives, and also a design and sustainability manager for the Homes and Communities Agency, the national housing and regeneration delivery agency for England.  Adriana Valdez Young set up Play to Plan, a set of 3 short mobile-based games that challenge urban designers and planners to experience and value the complex cultural economies of Rye Lane - a diverse, dense high street in South London. Players take on the role of a recent immigrant, a business owner and a planner, visiting various locations along the street and relating insights from their imaginary role back to the reality of existing design, planning and policy schemes. Adriana worked on Rye Lane in 2012 as part of the LSE Cities research group, 'Ordinary Streets.' In this article for Ethnography Matters|, she reflects on her design research process building and testing the games.  

Previous Graduates

Here's a selection of alumni who have been in touch recently with their news:

Charlie Peel (Class of 2011) is working with Sir Terry Farrell on the Review of Architecture and the Built Environment, launched in March 2013 by Ed Vaizey MP, the Minister for Architecture, along with a panel of 11 luminaries from across the sector.  

Jeff Risom (2009) is a partner at Gehl Architects| in Copenhagen, where his focus areas are bicycling and walking strategies, synthesizing meaningful input into urban processes through workshops and conferences and developing framework masterplans for urban regeneration projects.  He returns to the MSc City Design Studio each year as a guest practitioner.  

Alicia Brem (2009) joined Grosvenor Americas' Washington DC office as an Assistant Development Manager. Her projects include place making urban infill projects in the DC metro area based on Grosvenor's living cities principles.  She recently completed her Fulbright on Italy's real estate markets: understanding the relationship between historical preservation and new construction, barriers to entry for foreign investments, and sustainability policies in Italian cities. 

After graduating from the Cities Programme Gruia Badescu (2009) worked for two years for the Integrated Urban Development Plan for the Centre of Bucharest, while finishing his research on architectural reconstruction and post-war reconcilliation in Beirut and Sarajevo, conducted with a grant from the National Geographic Society. Gruia is now pursuing a PhD at the Urban Conflicts Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, looking at the connection between urban reconstruction and coming to terms with the past. Gruia took the MSc class of 2013 to Bucharest for the annual fieldtrip, and will be the students' guide to Sarajevo in May 2014.

Mark Atkinson (2006), Markets Development Officer for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, was awarded runner-up Market Officer of the Year by the National Association of British Market Authorities in September 2012. In October he was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management.

Lawrence Bird (2000) assisted with Schematic Landscape Design on Phase 1A & 1B of the Transit-Oriented Development Yards at Fort Rouge, in Winnipeg, Canada. This project repurposes a former rail-yards for mixed-use residential use integrated with active transit and the recently completed first leg of Winnipeg's rapid transit system.  Lawrence also took part in Re-Imagining Winnipeg, a series of public presentations for new visions of the city.   His proposal - the Post-Prairie Park - addressed vacant inner-city sites along with monocultural suburban malls and parking lots, proposing redevelopment of these sites as mixed-use, publicly-held parks integrating residential, recreational, commercial and light industrial space with urban agriculture and indigenous landscape.

Roberto Burgos Mann (2009) is involved in a technology project in Chile called "Citisent". This platform for social research in online media launched in March 2013. The project is supported by the International Innovation Funding programme of the Innovation Office of the Ministry of Economy of the Government of Chile, and is being incubated at the Universidad Austral.

Adam White (2010) and a team from University of Nairobi, Columbia University and MIT are currently working on a research and development project to improve urban mobility in Nairobi, Kenya. The year-long project aims to bridge formal and informal aspects of urban transport in Nairobi via new technology-based tools, including citizen sensors and mobile phones.  Adam is co-founder of Groupshot (USA).

Angus Laurie and Mariana Leguía (2006), founders of Llama Urban Design, have recently completed a major urban strategy to regenerate and pedestrianise the 64 block historic centre of Lima, Perú. Their project has become one of the flagship projects for the Municipality of Metropolitan Lima.

Shivarao Channapattan (2010) has co-founded a collaborative international design practice - [D]Sync. in Surat, Gujarat, India - in architecture, master planning, landscape and interior design.  It is committed to delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions to enhance the built environment through an inclusive and collaborative design approach. He has also joined the CGP Institute of Architecture, Interior Design and Fine Arts as Associate Professor at the VNSG University in Surat, and taken up the task of establishing a Research and Development unit which will support students and society at large through research dissemination and consultancy services.

Dominic Church (2001)  joined the German Council for Sustainable Building www.DGNB.de| to lead the delivery of their international certification and accreditation programme for sustainable urban quarters and buildings. He is also engaged in teaching and research at the Department of Urban Design at Stuttgart University and at at the Sustainable Urbanism Institute at Munich Technical University, with projects in Nuremberg-West, Gelsenkirchen-Herten and Stuttgart-Berg.

Daniel Budish (2010) is Development Officer for the City of Cleveland in the Department of Economic Development.  His work involves helping to institute systems change for the city - including updating the e-permitting system for the building department and creating an economic development strategy for the city.

Penny Garrett (1999  - the first cohort of MSc City Design and Social Science graduates) is Leader of Urban Design, City Design, City of Melbourne, Australia.

Guy Briggs (1999) is now based in Cape Town where he runs his own urban design consultancy, is a design tutor at the University of Cape Town architectural school (3rd year), is setting up a research network looking at issues of urbanisation, sustainability and form in Southern Africa (City-Form Africa www.city-form.org|), and is regional development director for UK consultancy Portland Design Associates.

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