Bucharest 2013: The Eclectic City

Graffiti CAM

From left: Melissa Meyer, Anna Bray Sharpin, Nicola Walt and Amy Parker (CAM)

This year our MSc City Design and Social Science students visited Bucharest from 23-28 March 2013, accompanied by faculty members Dr Suzi Hall and Dr David Madden and guided by Gruia Badescu, a graduate of the MSc City Design (2009) who worked for two years for the Integrated Urban Development Plan for the Centre of Bucharest and is now pursuing a PhD at the Urban Conflicts Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, looking at the connection between urban reconstruction and coming to terms with the past. For the programme put together by Gruia see Bucharest Schedule| (PDF).

See images above and below of Bucharest by our MSc students Carina Arvizu Machado (CAM), Jacob Bielecki (JB), Julian Castro (JC), Melissa Meyer (MM), David Montero Jalil (DMJ), Alejandro Sajgalik (AS), Justinien Tribillon (JT) and Nicola Walt (NW). 

En route

Melissa's impressionistic images from the coach window give a flavour of the journey from the airport into Bucharest:

Roadside sirens MM

Roadside sirens (MM)

Modern idols MM

Modern idols (MM)

Roadside hoardings MM

Roadside hoardings (MM)

Get lucky (MM)

Get lucky (MM)

Glimpse of a building (MM)

Glimpse of a building (MM)


Assembled CAM

Justinien Tribillon (left) and fellow students with Gruia Badescu (woolly hat, fourth from right) in the cold (CAM)

Crossing AS

Our intrepid travellers brave the traffic together (AS)

Metro NW

Our man in Bucharest: David Madden (hat and glasses) with Gruia Badescu and the gang (NW)

Gate JB

Minh Toan leads the way (JB)

Anna & Melissa NW

Dressed for the weather: Anna Bray Sharpin and Melissa Meyer (NW)

Walking DMJ

Walking in the park (DMJ)

Another season JT

Another season: From left Tsuguta Yamashita, Alejandro Sajgalik and Gruia Badescu relax on return to Bucharest for a conference in May with Justinien Tribillon(JT)


Reflected AS

The city reflected and refracted in panes of glass (AS)


Yellow sky NW

Under a yellow sky (NW)

Blocks JC

Blocks (JC)

Wired MM

Wired (MM)

Car JB

Parked (JB)

Bragadiru Factory Uranus NW

Bragadiru Factory on Uranus site (NW)

Celebrate CAM

A celebration on Piața Universității (CAM)

Rainy day MM

Reflections on a rainy day (MM)

Brutalism at core JC

New Brutalism (JC)

Industrial area Bucharest JC

Industrial area of town (JC)

International shopping experience MM

International shopping experience (MM)

Urgent AS

Urgent! (AS)

 Wasteland JB

Wasteland (JB)

Window NW

Too late for restoration? (NW)

 Dâmbovița River DMJ

 Dambovita River (DMJ)

Fishing MM

Fishing (MM)

Ceausescu Palace gardens-JC

Ceausescu Palace Gardens (JC)

Feet JB

Surface (JB)

Mysterious man MM

What's on?  (MM)

Playground DMJ

Playground (DMJ)

Church MM

Church (MM)

Balcony MM

Balcony (MM)


Getting around is a challenge in many big cities, and Bucharest is no exception:

Unirii Boulevard JC

Unirii Boulevard (JC)

Jam today MM

Jam today (MM)

Metro Station DMJ

Jammed underground (DMJ)

Sidewalk Invasion DMJ

Sidewalk invasion (DMJ)

Cycle lane DMJ

Cycle lane: move over pedestrians (DMJ)



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