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History of the Asia Forum

The LSE Asia Forum was an important and very public part of the School's strategy to enhance its long standing relationship with the rapidly developing Asian region. This strategy in Asia forms part of the School's wider international strategy, which has at its core the building of deep and sustainable alliances and partnerships as a means of broadening research and teaching offerings and enhancing the School's international reputation.

LSE historically attracted many very talented students and staff from all major Asian countries. The School has a large and distinguished group of alumni in the region and has been active in building partnerships with business and governments for many years.

As one of the world's top social science universities, LSE has been at the forefront of the analysis of globalisation and is the alma mater of many public leaders in Asia. The LSE Asia Forum is a unique opportunity to bring together LSE's key partners in the region.

Asia's current renaissance, in particular the emergence of India and China as important partners in managing the dynamics of globalisation and growth, has motivated LSE to convene forums in Asia.

While much public debate and commentary focuses exclusively on the commercial opportunities offered by the growth of India and China, the investigation of future global governance and policy challenges and opportunities created by Asia's success is equally important.

LSE's mission has always been to provide rigorous analysis of human development and to offer research-based intelligence aimed at informing sound policy choices and business strategies. Given the multi-faceted challenges now facing the world, LSE believes that Asia must be an important contributor to global development and governance.

The LSE Asia Forum provided an opportunity for analysis of different perspectives on the economic, social, political and cultural contributions Asia is making to global development.

The first LSE Asia Forum took place in March 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme was Asia: the future of the world economy. LSE was especially gratified that Prime Minister His Excellency Dr Thaksin Shinawatra formally opened the forum. Further details of this event can be found at LSE Asia Forum - Thailand 2004.

Hong Kong was the venue for the second Asia Forum. whose theme was Managing the Dynamics of Growth and which took place in September 2005. Further details of this event can be found at LSE Asia Forum - Hong Kong 2005.

Challenging Globalisation: reform, governance and society was the theme of LSE Asia Forum 2006 which took place in New Delhi, India in December 2006. Further details of this event can be found at LSE Asia Forum - India 2006.

Singapore hosted the Asia Forum in April 2008 which was entitled 'The Politics of Knowledge'. Details about this event can be found at LSE Asia Forum - Singapore 2008.

The 5th Asia Forum took place in Beijing in March 2010, under the title 'China and the World: The Challenges of Change'.  Details about this event can be found at LSE Asia Forum - Beijing 2010

The 6th and final Asia Forum was held in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia on 2-3 April 2014 and was entitled  'Building Asian futures: integration, welfare and growth?' The event took place at the Shangri La Hotel. For more details, please click here: LSE Asia Forum - Malaysia 2014.  Podcasts and videos of many of the 2014 Forum sessions are available online

In 2015, it was decided that LSE would implement a new series of Global Forums in place of the previous Asia Forum format.  More information on these new events can be found at LSE Global Forum Series.