Dr Laura Almagor

Dr Laura Almagor

LSE Teaching Fellow

Department of International History

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Key Expertise
Jewish Political History; Nationalism Studies; Religion and Politics

About me

Laura Almagor’s research deals with nineteenth- and twentieth-century Jewish politics, in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. She is currently reworking her doctoral thesis into a book publication, tentatively entitled Beyond Nation and Exile. The Jewish Territorialist Movement, 1905-1965. This book recovers the largely unexplored history of the Jewish Territorialist movement as part of a broader Jewish political and cultural narrative during the first half of the twentieth century. The study also argues that Territorialism’s relevance transcends a specifically Jewish historical analytical framework: Territorialist thought and discourse reflected several more general contemporary geopolitical trends and practices relating to population politics, (de)colonisation trends, human and minority rights discourses, and the spatial science debates of the 1930s and 1940s.

Dr Almagor is also working on two new projects, the first of which deals with the political behaviour of Jewish Displaced Persons (DPs) in Austria during the immediate post-1945 period. The second, collaborative, project focuses on ‘Transnational Biographies’ as a method and approach in the humanities and social sciences, and has so far produced a successful international workshop series in Denmark and Hungary. An edited volume based on these workshops is currently underway. Laura’s wider research interests range from modern Jewish studies to the history of IR, the history of nationalism, religious studies, and military history.

Before joining the LSE in September 2018, Laura held postdoctoral and other fellowships at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, the Center for Jewish History in New York City, and the Central European University in Budapest. She earned her PhD (2015) at the European University Institute in Florence and her BA (Language and Culture Studies, 2006) and MA (International Relations in Historical Perspective, 2007) at Utrecht University. Laura has taught in The Netherlands and Hungary and was a researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Military History. She has received research support in the form of grants and scholarships from the Dutch government, the European University Institute, the Vivian Prins Foundation, the Central European University, and the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Expertise Details

Jewish Political History; Nationalism Studies; Religion and Politics


Dr Laura Almagor teaches the following courses in the Department:

At undergraduate level:

HY241: What is History?: Methods and Debates

HY322: Nazi Germany’s War: Violence and Occupation in Europe, 1939-1945





  • ‘“A Highway to Battlegrounds”: Jewish Territorialism and the State of Israel, 1945-1965’, Journal of Israeli History, special issue edited by Michael Berkowitz and Daniel Mahla [forthcoming].
  • ‘Tropical Territorialism: Displaced Persons, Colonialism, and the Freeland League in Suriname (1946-1948)’, in Maja Gildin Zuckerman and Jakob Egholm Feldt, eds., Jewish Cultural History: Boundaries, Experiences, and Sense-making [under review]
  • Beyond Nation and Exile: The Jewish Territorialist Movement, 1905-1965 [work in progress]

Awards and grants

  • 2018 Fred and Ellen Lewis/JDC Archives Fellowship, Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, New York City (2018)
  • Research and teaching postdoctoral fellowship in Jewish Studies, Central European University, Budapest, (2017/ 2018)
  • Prins Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship for Emigrating Scholars, Center for Jewish History, New York (2016/2017)
  • Junior fellowship at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute (2015/2016)
  • Ph.D. fellowship granted by the Dutch government for studies at the European University Institute, Department of History and Civilization (2011-2015)