Dr Paul Mulvey

Dr Paul Mulvey

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Department of International History

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About me

Dr Paul Mulvey completed his doctoral degree in 2003 at the Department of International History, LSE. His thesis, History: Land, Liberty and Empire: Josiah C. Wedgwood and Radical Politics, 1905-1924, was supervised by Dr. Anthony Howe. Dr Mulvey went on to be a tutorial fellow at the department until 2005. Since then he has been a part-time teacher of History at the London School of Economics, King's College London and the University of Leeds. In May 2013, he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


British Politics 1900-1950; Britain in the Great War


Dr Paul Mulvey teaches the following courses at undergraduate level:

HY240 - From Empire to Commonwealth: War, Race and Imperialism in British History, 1780 to 1979


Papers & Talks

  • Life in the Trenches: Soldiers on the Western Front, 1914-1918 (lecture)
  • British Popular Imperialism in the late 19th century (lecture)
  • The British Empire in World War Two (lecture)
  • Britain and the Boer War (lecture)
  • British National Identity and the Great War (lecture)
  • Gallipoli and the Western Front in 1915 (lecture)
  • Societies at War: Britain and France on the Home Front 1914-18 (lecture)
  • The Great War Outside Europe, 1914-18 (lecture)
  • Mobilising Empires in the First World War (lecture)
  • The Foundations of Britain's Imperial Century (1776-1815) (lecture)
  • The Single Taxers and the Future of Liberalism, 1906-14
  • The Western Front in 1916 (lecture)
  • Britain and the Scramble for Africa (lecture)
  • Individualist Thought and Radicalism: Josiah C. Wedgwood's battle against the Collectivists, 1906-14
  • Radicalism’s Last Gasp? The British Liberal Party and the Taxation of Land Values, 1906-14