Dr Phoebe Chow

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Department of International History

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About me

Dr Phoebe Chow's research focuses on the interplay of cultural perceptions, public opinion and policymaking in Sino-British relations in the early 20th century. She received her doctorate in International History at LSE and completed her first book, entitled, Britain's Imperial Retreat from China, 1900-1931 (Routledge) in 2016. She was the Parliamentary History prize winner for the best essay submitted on any aspect of parliamentary history and her work was subsequently published as: 'Parliament and the Problem of China, 1925-7: Priorities, Preoccupations and Stereotypes' in Parliamentary History, vol. 29, no. 3 (2010), pp. 358-375. She has also published a chapter in an edited volume: 'The End of Informal Empire in China' in Donovan Chau and Thomas Kane, eds., China and International Security: History, Strategy, and 21st-Century Policy (Praeger, 2014).


Sino-British Relations; Modern East Asia


Dr Phoebe Chow teaches the following course at undergraduate level:

HY235 - Modernity and the State in East Asia: China, Japan and Korea since 1840