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Teaching Faculty

The faculty of the Institute of Public Affairs is truly inter-disciplinary and drawn from across the LSE. They plan and deliver the Institute's outstanding MPAEMPA and EMPP degree programmes and supervise the Capstone projects.

Dr Alberto Asquer

Lecturer in Public Policy & Management


Dr Babken Babajanian

Associate Professorial Lecturer

MPA Tutor

Prof Oriana Bandiera

Professor Oriana Bandiera

Professor of Economics

Tim Besley

Professor Tim Besley

School Professor of Economics and Political Science

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Dr Tania Burchardt

Deputy Director, CASE and Associate Professor, Department of Social Policy

Prof Robin Burgess

Professor Robin Burgess

Professor of Economics


Dr Jeremiah Dittmar

Lecturer in Economics

Prof Patrick Dunleavy

Professor Patrick Dunleavy

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Tasha Fairfield

Dr Tasha Fairfield

Assistant Professor of International Development

Dr Greg Fischer

Dr Greg Fischer

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Lloyd Gruber

Dr Lloyd Gruber

Lecturer in Political Economy of Development

Prof Simon Hix

Professor Simon Hix

Professor of European and Comparative Politics

Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallve

Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallve

Associate Professor in Political Science and Public Policy

Dr Ethan Ilzetzki

Dr Ethan Ilzetzki

Lecturer in Economics


Dr Ryan Jablonski

Assistant Professor of Government

Prof Stephen Jenkins

Professor Stephen Jenkins

Professor of Economic and Social Policy


Professor Henrik Kleven

Professor of Economics

Martin Lodge

Professor Martin Lodge

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Henry Overman

Professor Henry Overman

Professor of Economic Geography

Berkay Özcan

Dr Berkay Ozcan

Assistant Professor of Social Policy

Thomas Sampson

Dr Thomas Sampson

Lecturer in Economics


Dr Johannes Spinnewijn

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Daniel Sturm

Professor Daniel Sturm

Associate Professor of Economics


Dr Eiko Thielemann

Senior Lecturer in European Politics and Policy

Dr Joachim Wehner

Dr Joachim Wehner

Associate Professor in Public Policy