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Guerrilla Lectures


A spectre is haunting LSE — the spectre of Guerrilla Lectures.

What is a Guerrilla Lecture?

Forget traditional lecture halls and think, instead, of an intellectual flash mob assembling somewhere in London. That’s the concept of the Guerrilla Lectures.

This novel approach introduces participants to new and interesting topics, often in locations that they wouldn't otherwise be able to visit, turning the concept of 'the lecture' on its head. No one knows where the lecture will take place, what it will be on, or who is speaking until after they arrive.

How can I get involved?

Students interested in attending should follow LSE Guerrillas| on twitter and look out on campus as the when and where tickets to the next Guerrilla lecture will be handed out.

On the day of the Lecture or a few days leading up to the lecture, a time and place will be revealed to LSE students as to where they can get tickets to the next Guerrilla Lecture. Upon receiving the invite, students will find inside directions to an unnamed location where they will have a limited amount of time to get to and from here the topic will be revealed and the discussions commence.

Previous Lectures 


Topic: What is Hell?
Location: Westminster Cathedral
Guest Speakers:
Jim Walters (LSE Chaplain)
Professor Eileen Barker
Prof Matthew Engelke

Topic: Marx & Spencer
Location: Highgate Cemetery
Guest Speakers:
Dr Lea Ypi
Professor Tony Giddens (ex-LSE Director)


What will be the next one be and when? Stay tuned…..