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Research and Engagement


When LSE was founded in 1895 it was for the betterment of society. That founding ambition is at the heart of LSE today and is reflected in the IPA. We not only undertake high-quality research but also engage policy-makers and political leaders to address contemporary and relevant policy challenges.

Our projects include:

The IPA facilitates engagement between LSE academics and the UK civil service to provide insights that high-quality social science can offer to the policy-making process.

Above the Parapet – an IPA research project examining the experiences and under-representation of women in public life.

Fellowships – we work with practitioners who bring strong experience of policy-making to conduct research and deliver policy impact.

Policy Briefings – the IPA delivers policy briefings to make interdisciplinary research available to law-makers.

LSE Research Festival– the annual celebration of LSE’s innovative and ground-breaking research in the social sciences.

Public Outreach – through our public outreach programme, we make the insights of academic research publicly available for the benefit of society, including the Gearty Grillings, Constitution UK and Data Visualisation projects.