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Information for Organisations


MPA Get Involved

Master of Public Administration (MPA) Capstone projects offer organisations a professional, high standard, fresh thinking consultative service, free of charge.

Each project is supervised by a member of the Institute of Public Affairs' world-renowned faculty, charged with providing advice and monitoring progress. The projects earn a collective grade and students are expected to manage the division and development of work amongst themselves.

Benefits of being involved with Capstones

The students participating in the project are individually matched to the client organisation and are often highly qualified, some with impressive previous work experience and many are also bilingual. The MPA Capstone therefore offers clients a professional, high standard, fresh thinking consulting service, free of charge.

What being a Capstones partner will entail

MPA Capstone organisational procedures are designed to make minimal demands on clients and to allow project teams to work effectively within the constraints on their time. There are two key occasions where project team members meet with the client organisation. These meetings allow for the projects to become feasibly scoped, given the project team members’ available time and the requirements placed on them by LSE’s demanding coursework.

How to get involved in Capstones

We do not have an application form as such; instead, we request a “project outline”, i.e. a text overview of what a potential project may involve, including what the client organisation seeks to learn from the work, the project deliverables and the resources in terms of literature and evidence that the client expects to be used in the project. 

We request prospective client organisations to indicate their interest in participating in the scheme and then submit a project outline. We will consider these project outlines alongside other possible projects that we have.

If the project proposal is accepted, a member of the MPA faculty and the client organisation will collaborate over the summer to develop and refine the project outline and produce a detailed “Terms of Reference” (ToR) for setting specific objectives, tasks and deliverables. Clients and MPA staff are asked to work towards having this draft TOR ready by the beginning of September.

More Information about Capstones project

If you represent an organisation and would like further information on collaborating with the Institute of Public Affairs' Capstone project, or would like to arrange an appointment to discuss Capstones and how to get your organisation involved, please contact us