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Information for Organisations

Capstone Students

Master of Public Administration (MPA) Capstone projects offer organisations a professional, high standard, fresh thinking consultative service, free of charge.

During their second year of study, our excellent MPA students are assigned to groups (usually consisting of 3 to 6 people) and team members are expected to devote around 1.5 to 2 days a week to the project between October and February, including some vacation time.

Each project is supervised by a member of the Institute of Public Affairs' world-renowned faculty|, charged with providing advice and monitoring progress. The projects earn a collective grade and students are expected to manage the division and development of work amongst themselves.

Students are individually matched to client organisations in order to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships, and they bring impressive previous work experience to the projects. The teams are almost always multi-national and invariably multi-lingual.

If you represent an organisation and would like further information on collaborating with the Institute of Public Affairs' Capstone project, please contact us| for further information.