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Alessio Terzi

Alessio TerziProgramme: MPA European Public and Economic Policy

I arrived at LSE in late September 2009 little more than a fresh economics graduate from Bocconi University. What attracted me at the time was the School's reputation in the social sciences and the programme's focus on applying economic theory to real world problems.

Over the course of two years, I came to realise that LSE was much more than that. Thanks also to the flexibility embedded in the MPA programme, I was exposed to a vibrant community of incredibly bright and interested people from all over the world, attending stimulating lectures and recurrent inspiring talks by political leaders and Nobel Prize academics. Frequent thought-provoking discussions on the economic issues of the day contributed to convert my mere theoretical knowledge into hands-on skills and a passion for policy-making.

Compared to other programmes, the European Public and Economic Policy stream allowed me to develop both sound technical skills (from the Economics department) and a deep knowledge of EU law and policy-making processes (from the European Institute). This was much appreciated throughout my career hitherto. After graduating from LSE, I joined BMI - a small country risk and macroeconomic forecasting company in the City. Following this private sector experience, I worked in the macroeconomic forecasting unit of the European Commission and I am now a Research Analyst in the EMU governance division of the European Central Bank. None of this would have been possible without those formative years in the LSE.