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Master of Public Administration (MPA) Programme

The MPA programme is a two year-long interdisciplinary postgraduate degree developed to meet the needs of government departments, public agencies and private sector organisations for highly skilled and professional policy-makers.

The challenges for public policy have never been greater: from the persistence of global inequality, to the laboured recovery from the 2008 economic crisis and persistent high levels of government indebtedness, all set against a backdrop of seemingly endless civil war and humanitarian challenges. And yet as a result, there is a rapidly multiplying demand for graduates who can understand and analyse trends in public and international administration, and who can devise effective and targeted policy for economic prosperity and long-term international development. It is precisely because of, not despite, the ongoing problems afflicting global politics that our growing group of alumni are able to illustrate vividly how far-reaching and significant a contribution they make to global wellbeing after their studies.

Looked at in this way, the MPA is a counter-cyclical degree: for all the slack in the global economy (and for the problems afflicting global politics) there has been no downturn in demand for policy analysis and design. Our growing group of alumni vividly illustrate how far-reaching and significant a contribution our students are making after they leave.











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