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Master of Public Administration (MPA) Programme

Our MPA is a two year, interdisciplinary, graduate programme in public policy and administration. We prepare students to make an immediate impact for employers by equipping them with world-class formal training as well as applied and professional skills to understand, analyse and produce effective public policy.

In contrast to similar programmes in other policy schools, we put special emphasis on rigorous empirical training, particularly in economics, econometrics and political science. These skills are applied to real world scenarios in the second year of the MPA. Only a two year degree can offer this depth of study and the combination of methodological discipline and practical application.

This challenging programme produces rounded professionals who a make an immediate impact for employers in the public sector, private companies and non-governmental organisations around the world, including government departments and agencies, consultancies and international development agencies.

The first year of the MPA is common to all students, but from the start of the second year students specialise in one of five policy streams:

  • Public and Economic Policy
  • Public and Social Policy
  • Public Policy and Management
  • International Development
  • European Public and Economic Policy.

Learn more about the MPA Curriculum and its policy streams.